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Personal Care
Personal Care

Vegetal Oil Leave-on Hair Conditioner (Silicone-free)

Containing only 10 INCI ingredients, this simple silicone-free lightweight gel-cream hair conditioner hydrates and nourishes dull hair. Cropure™ Mango Butter and Cropure OL are vegetal oils rich in natural fatty acids; helping to restore lipids and offer lubricity to the hair fibres. Cropure Mango Butter also provides a silky light sensory to this formulation. Both botanical oils are processed through Super Refined™ technology, resulting in high purity oils with lower rancid potential. Viscaress™ HPD is a high-performance Liquid Dispersion Polymer that offers emulsification and rheology control.
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Formulation details


  • Hair care - Conditioners - Leave on

Phase type

  • Multiple phase dispersed


  • Smooth


  • Cream


  • Opaque


  • Silicone-free

Consumer benefit

  • Anti-frizz


  • Japan
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