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Personal Care

Mango Miracle Recovery Hair Mask

Restore hair health and beauty with this rinse-off hair mask! Crodazosoft™ DBQ helps to prevent colour loss from dyed hair caused by daily shampooing, and also prevents cuticle damage from combing. Crodasone™ P, an advanced copolymer of hydrolysed pea protein and silicone, forms a protective network on hair fibre that improves its’ resistance to thermal stress due to styling or blow-drying. Keravis™ PE increases hair strength and improves resistance to breakage, with performance superior to D-Panthenol. Cropure™ Mango Butter is a high purity natural oil with long-term stability against rancidity. Rich is natural fatty acids, it helps to restore lipids and offer lubricity to the hair fibres.
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Formulation details


  • Hair care - Conditioners - Rinse off

Phase type

  • Multiple phase dispersed


  • Smooth


  • Cream


  • Opaque


  • Chloride-free

Consumer benefit

  • Anti-frizz
  • Colour retention
  • Conditioning
  • Detangling
  • Repair


  • Japan
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