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Personal Care
Personal Care

OG Mild Cleanser

This cleansing oil is highly effective at make-up cleansing, with a novel “Oil to Gel” transformative performance. Crodamol™ GTEH and Crodamol™ IPIS are both great removing solvents with lightweight and easy spreadable textures. They can not only decrease the oily and greasy skin feel but also provide a superb moisturization effect. The combination of mild emulsifier Procetyl™ AWS and Cithrol™ PGMIS will significantly decrease the skin irritation and further enhance the moist retaining property. Meanwhile, it enables the cleanser to deliver a transparent format and a special transformative effect.
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Formulation details


  • Facial care - Make-up remover

Phase type

  • Single phase


  • N/A


  • Oil


  • Transparent


  • China approved (IECIC)
  • Cold process
  • Preservative-free

Consumer benefit

  • Cleansing
  • Gentle


  • China
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