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Personal Care

Shine & Revive Lash Defining Mascara

A volumizing mascara that gives thicker and fuller eyelashes on application. Crodafos™ CES is cost effective versatile emulsifier. It gives thixotropic property to emulsion which allows the product to be applied evenly and effortlessly. Syncrowaxes provide water resistant and rub resistant medium for pigment adherence onto the eyelashes. Crodamol™ BOSS is silicon alternative that retains shine on lash hair. Crodabond™ CSA is 100% naturally derived film-forming agent providing long wear. SolPerForm™ 100 is film former derived from PVP and natural wheat protein that offers mascara’s lengthening and thickening properties. Widelash™ promotes eyelash hair growth and thickness.
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Formulation details


  • Colour cosmetics - Eye

Phase type

  • Multiple phase dispersed


  • Smooth


  • Fluid


  • Opaque

Consumer benefit

  • Shine


  • India
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