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Alban Muller Natural Functional Ingredients

Natural & multifunctional formulation ingredients

To answer the naturality expectations of customers, Alban Muller developed a range of natural solutions to substitute synthetic formulation ingredients in cosmetic formulas.

Alongside Amigum™, our well-known gelling active, Alban Muller’s range of functional ingredients gathers different multitasking formulation ingredients, each with their own properties to offer a unique user experience, filled with naturalness and well-being.

Natural and multifunctional ingredients for cosmetics

What natural texturing agents should you use for your green cosmetics?

Amigum™ - high-performance for a supple texture in cosmetics

Amigum™ is Alban Muller’s famous gelling and stabilising multifunctional agent.

This ideal ingredient for clean beauty is a 100% natural polysaccharide obtained by the fermentation of sugars with strains of a fungus. Amigum™ offers a natural alternative to synthetic agents and carbomers, with unique gelling and thickening properties, even in extreme conditions. It provides stability to emulsions and suspensions to finished cosmetics with naturality, as well as moisturising and sensoriality proven effects.

Amigum™ is Cosmos approved and readily biodegradable (over 85%).

Amigum - natural gelling agent for cosmetics

Lipolami™ ER - For luxurious silicon free textures

Extracted from milk thistle, Lipolami™ ER is our hero ingredient for luxurious silicon free textures and skin protection.  Lipolami™ ER has a high content of fatty acid ethyl esters obtained from milk thistle oil, for guaranteed natural & sensorial textures.

  • It provides skin care products with a luxurious skin-feel: it makes them soft, comfortable, easy to spread and silky, not oil neither sticky.
  • It allows more homogeneous and finer emulsions thanks to its fluidity and low surface tension.
  • It increases the comfort of foaming products.
  • It helps the dispersions of pigments and minerals, as well as the solubilisation of perfumes.

Thanks to its amino acids content, our natural emollient also preserves the skin barrier function against dryness and delipidation.

Lipolami™ ER is a natural and sensory alternative to silicones. This natural ingredient is Cosmos Approved, palm oil and preservative free. It is also readily biodegradable (80-90%).

Lipolami ER - natural texturing agent for cosmetics

How about natural preservatives for cosmetics?

Amipreserve™ - A preservative of natural origin

Amipreserve™ is Alban Muller’s 100% natural derived salicylic acid, through an eco-designed and responsible production process. Our preservative of natural origin offers the antibacterial, soothing and keratolytic properties of salicylate derivatives.

Amipreserve™ is Cosmos Approved.

Amipreserve - natural preservative agent for cosmetics

Looking for natural exfoliants in cosmetic products?

Alban Muller offers two range of non-ionised scrubs: the plant-based Scrubami™, and the mineral-based Silicami™.

Scrubami™ range – plant-origin exfoliating powders

The Scrubami™ range is constituted of 100% plant-based exfoliating powders with different particle size, produced from upcycled fruit seeds or kernels from the food industry.

As a regular exfoliation process is a crucial step for any beauty routine, Alban Muller has created a range of eco-responsible alternative to polyethylene microbeads in the formulation of exfoliating products.

Thanks to our specific grinding technique, these range offers exfoliating powders with particles:

  • Sizing from 50/200µm to 500/800µm
  • Of a homogenous distribution
  • Offering a smooth surface
  • Harmless to the environment (particles of 100% natural origin, expected to be readily biodegradable).

With colours ranging from orange-beige to dark brown, these particles provide a great visual aspect to exfoliating cosmetics with a naturality claim.

Scrubami Samples

Silicami™ range – mineral-origine exfoliating powders

The Silicami™ products are extremely pure silica powders (≥ 90.0% silica). Their mechanical action speeds up the process of natural elimination of dead cells in the epidermis, to rapidly restore its radiance and softness. Like the Scrubami™ range, they are a great natural alternative to microplastic beads.

These 100% mineral-based exfoliants are obtained from sand. As the Scrubami™, they offer an eco-responsible alternative to plastic microbeads.

The Silicami™ range has the following characteristics:

  • Fine and homogeneous particles from 15/50 to 200/500µm
  • Chemically inert
  • Nano-particles free
  • Harmless to the environment
  • No odour, color stability

Silicami – natutal exfoliating agents for cosmetics

How to offer a natural mineral source of beauty?

Alban Muller’s clay range are of high-quality, rich in minerals, and provide many benefits to the cosmetic industry.

Each type of clay has its unique assets for cosmetic products, and we have selected the white, red and green clays.

  • Red Clay is naturally rich in trace elements, to stimulate microcirculation in skin's blood vessels and really wake up the skin.
  • White Clay is one of the gentlest types of clay for the skin, with a high content in kaolin to help repair skin and hair.
  • Green Clay is the richest in minerals (especially in calcium) and can be used regularly for its amazing rebalancing effect, and to absorb excess sebum.

This range has strong sustainability claims:

  • 100% mineral-based origin
  • French origin: our Clay products are extracted, dried and conditioned in France
  • Eco-designed drying step using solar energy
  • Eco-responsible management of soils and biodiversity
  • No preservatives, dyes, ionization, or irradiation
  • No toxic metals detected during the safety assessments

Alban Muller High-Quality Clays for natural cosmetics


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Alban Muller

A natural product designer dedicated to high-performance actives and extracts manufacturing and creation of natural skincare formulas.

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Natural solutions to substitute synthetic formulation ingredients in cosmetic formulas



Obtained by the fermentation of sugars with strains of Sclerotium rolfsii, this gelling is a natural alternative to synthetic agents and carbomers.

Lipolami™ ER

Lipolami™ ER

Approved Cosmos, this ingredient made from seed's Milk Thistle is a natural sensory alternative to silicones that gives a natural protection to skin.

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