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Solaveil Harmony

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Solaveil Harmony

Perfectly Balanced

A titanium dioxide with a particle size that has been carefully balanced to provide minimal whitening on skin, whilst also being large enough to be suitable for natural and COSMOS approved formulations.

Key features:

  • UVB and UVA protection
  • Alumina/stearate coated 
  • Large particle size
  • Reduced whitening on skin
  • Globally approved up to 25% active

The name explained

Solaveil HT

H = Harmony = Perfectly Balanced

T = Titanium Dioxide


Solaveil Harmony carrier options

None - only powder available


Absorption curve of UVA and UVB

Harmony absorption curve

Skin appearance

Harmony skin appearance

SEM image particles

Harmony SEM

Particle size comparison

Harmony particle size
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The Solaveil Range

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Solaveil Calculator

Discover our easy-to-use tool that provides data on inclusion levels and achievable SPF when formulating with Croda’s mineral UV filters.
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