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Solaveil ingredients, formulations and advice for your next solar protection innovation.
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Croda's most advanced sunscreens

Why choose Solaveil?

  • Based on nature-identical minerals
  • Safe, mild, and non-irritant
  • Patented particle and dispersion technology
  • Consistent quality and performance
  • Worldwide approval, including FDA OTC
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Solaveil SpeXtra

TiO2 with UVB, UVA and Blue Light protection.
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Solaveil Harmony

TiO2 that balances large particle size for natural claims, with less whitening compared to Solaveil SpeXtra.
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Solaveil Clarus

TiO2 and ZnO with unrivalled transparency on the skin.
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Solaveil MicNo

Platelet-shaped ZnO particles that are large in size yet transparent on the skin.
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Formulations for solar protection

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Invisible Physical Defence SPF 30

This sun protection lotion is made with only physical filters and provides effective protection and...

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Mineral Sheer Sunscreen SPF 40

This formulation is W/Si type sunscreen cream designed using only inorganic mineral UV filters that...

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Transparent Beauty – Light Defender Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

The Light Defender Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 is the ideal protector against UV and IR light for the...

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Solaveil Calculator

Discover our easy-to-use tool that provides data on inclusion levels and achievable SPF when formulating with Croda’s mineral UV filters.
Discover the Solaveil calculator


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