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Personal Care
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Crodarom range – the iconic range

The Crodarom range is the most representative range of what botanicals can bring to cosmetics in term of emotion, naturalness and storytelling. This Crodarom range also demonstrates the marketing and trend expertise of the company with a B to C vision through the strong conceptual orientation of these botanical and mineral extracts.

As young children, we are told stories to stimulate our imagination and plunge us into fanciful dreams. These stories evoke powerful emotions in us that we carry through adulthood. As adults, they offer a moment of escape, relaxation or simply re-energise us. Storytelling also plays an important role in personal care products; it can trigger an emotional response which encourages consumers to discover new sensorial experiences and drives imaginative behaviour.
The use of botanicals and minerals in personal care products provides with the opportunity to create enchanting stories around ancestral traditions and innovative concepts. Through the Crodarom range, we draw inspiration from unexpected places to create unique, trend-driven and innovative products that encompass a captivating story.
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Key points of the Crodarom range

  • From exotic or unusual to common plants highlighted in a different and uncommon way
  • Concepts that follows the future and stronger trends of the market
  • Tracer fingerprint/spot-check analysis or quantification in active
  • Completed with a selection of stone and mineral extracts 

Crodarom Range

Crodarom range brochure
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Crodarom Beech - Sylvotherapy for emotional beauty

Crodarom® Beech

The latest launch of Crodarom range
Forest bathing for emotional beauty
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Our Crodarom key ingredients

Holistic well-being and reconnection with our "inner self" makes sense in the trend of spiritual beauty and magic. Plants of potions, crystals and cosmos are key ingredients in these magic trends.

Crodarom® Boswellia

Crodarom® Boswellia

An aromatic oleo-gum-resin traditionally used in Ayurveda for its anti-inflammatory and healing virtues.

Crodarom® Dragon's Blood EC

Crodarom® Dragon's Blood EC

Dragon’s Blood is the dark red sap which oozes out of a typical Amazon tree as it is bleeding. The sap is used as an astringent and antibacterial.

Crodarom® Moonstone

Crodarom® Moonstone

Enchanting, captivating or spellbinding, Moonstone is a semi-precious stone with a thousand virtues, ideal for night concepts and magical cosmetics.

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