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Personal Care
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Les Delices range – a sensorial range

The range of Les Délices is born from the synergy between our botanical know-how, our sustainable commitments and our technological expertise. Through our Eco-Sound® technology, four Délices have been created that reveal the synergy of traditional plants.
The Les Délices range has been developed to awaken the five senses and meet the emotional well-being/body & mind connection trend that is becoming a priority for consumers. Produced using Eco-Sound® technology, with alluring colours that appeal to the eye, delicious fragrances that seduce the taste buds and a touch so soft to delight the skin, “Les Délices” provide the ultimate multi-sensory experience.
4 colourful macarons, orange, green, red and brown one

Key points of the range:

Unusual and unique blend of two traditional plants

• A NEW extraction technology – The Eco-Sound® technology

• A spot-check analysis on the extracts

• A range based on the trend of multi-sensory experience

• An eco-designed range with optimal traceability - Plants supply chains are evaluated according to our CSR policy (ISO 26000)

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Les Délices Brochure

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Les Delices

Mediative asian woman leaning against tree bark

Délice Détox

With invigorating and acidulous notes, this Délice is inspired by Asian beauty rituals based on Chinese traditional medicine.
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Smiling Arab woman wearing headscarf

Délice Epicé

With a very attractive scent this Délice immerses you into the heart of the Middle East with its traditional Arabian markets where all the senses.....
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Délice Extrême

Like a genuine escape into vast Canadian forests this Délice aspires to bring calmness and comfort The suave and voluptuous flavours of pecan nuts.....
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woman with strong makeup, smokey eyes and red lipstick wearing sari

Délice Fraicheur

With colourful and energising notes, this Délice evokes a sensorial trip into the heart of India, a country with a magnificent and spiritual image.
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