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Phytessence™ range – Efficacy inspired by nature

A unique line of plant extracts whose reputation is based on the exclusive combination of herbal-medicine and time-honoured traditions, the effectiveness of stringently selected active substances demonstrated by in-vitro or in-vivo tests and the emotional concept drawn from the beauty of the plant world.
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Key points of the Phytessence™ range

  • In vitro and/or in vivo performance data
  • Quantification of one active molecule or substance class linked to the efficacy
  • Strong marketing story around the plant dedicated to the traditional uses

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Crodarom takes its inspiration from nature to create innovative and eco-designed botanical extracts. Let’s escape through original and creative concepts to offer your formula a natural touch of emotion!

Phytessence French Rose EC Cover

Discover Phytessence™ French Rose EC

The floral elixir for naturally hydrated skin

Crodarom unveils Phytessence™ French Rose EC, a new rose extract with hydrating, soothing and protective properties, fitting perfectly the femcare and skin-flooding beauty routines. This innovative ingredient is derived from organic roses from Crodarom's local partners in Southern France, using the environmentally-friendly EcoSound™ extraction process. 

Technical and marketing information is available on the Product Finder.

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Discovert the key ingredients of the Phytessence™ range

In the urbanisation and industrialisation context, the population all over the world is more and more subject to pollution. Air pollution has detrimental effects on the skin, it can cause allergies, inflammation, or even premature ageing. Protecting against pollution has become a priority for many consumers.

Phytessence™ Peach Flower

Phytessence™ Peach Flower

Phytessence Peach flower is the anti-asphyxia solution to fight against the harm of pollution.

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