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Personal Care
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Phytolea range – precious natural pressed oils

The range of Phytolea is born from the quest of consumers to reduce water waste. More and more, they are moving away from products that contain water to turn to oily formats. The Waterless trend is becoming more and more mainstream.
Oils are treasures that we have wisely included in our beauty rituals globally for many years. Despite their ancestral origins, these inescapable ingredients are modern sources of inspiration. Stunning pleasure, they are the combination of a cocooning ritual and sensorial care.

Woman enjoying a beauty ritual, being massaging with waterless oily products

Key points of the range:

• 100% natural origin

Preservative & additive free

• Food waste: re-use of by-products

• Renewable and easily biodegradable

Fatty acids content

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Phytolea range brochure

phytolea range by Crodarom brochure
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Phytolea Range

Phytolea™ Alpine Apple

Fruit from mountains and glaciers, source of protection and purity
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Phytolea™ Baobab EC

Baobab oil is recommended as a regenerating and antioxidant ingredient thanks to its fatty acids and vitamin E and A content.
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Phytolea™ Camellia

The sacred oil of Japanese feminity
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Phytolea™ Cherry Kernel

Red gourmand fruit, sin of pleasure, delicacy and voluptuousness
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Phytolea™ Chia

The miracle energetic seed, a superfood staple in the diet of the Aztec population.
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Phytolea™ Cranberry EC

An extremophile plant of peatland in cold regions, ideal for anti-cold care and cocooning concepts thanks to its antioxidant and emollient powers.
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Phytolea™ Lemon

A concentrate of energy, a detox cure to be pure inside and shining outside
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Phytolea™ Lime

A sparkling touch of acidity and energy to even out the skin tone
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Phytolea™ Passionfruit

An exotic oil full of colours, summer ingredient with wild notes of Rio.
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Phytolea™ Pomegranate

The mythic symbol of life and longevity, ultimate anti-ageing weapon.
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Phytolea™ Prickly Pear

The desert gold, fleshy fruit of the Mexican cactus, a Far West escape.
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Phytolea™ Rice Bran

The precious cereal, with antioxidant power, towards eternal youth.
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