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Personal Care
Sederma plant cell cutlure test tube with plant growing out the top with clouds background

Our plant stem cell ingredients: IRB by Sederma

As a leader in cosmetic active ingredient manufacturing, one of our main concerns is sustainability. As such, Sederma has chosen to develop Plant Cell Culture to produce molecules of interest in quantities without causing any damage to the environment.

Sederma is now also offering an array of plant stem cell ingredients with guaranteed efficacy, reproducibility and absolute sustainability.

In July 2012 Croda acquired the Istituto di Ricerche Biotecnologiche (IRB), a forerunner in the development of plant cell culture actives for Personal Care applications. IRB products are now integrated to Sederma portfolio under the name IRB by Sederma. The IRB by Sederma product range comprises approx fifteen active ingredients with substantiated efficacy and guaranteed reproducibility, answering many customer's needs including; anti-ageing, environmental protection, radiance, seboregulation, and eye care.


To know more about this eco-designed production mode, watch the video!

Plan cell culture explained

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Plant cell culture benefits:

Sederma active ingredients supplier

Sederma - Essentials in cosmetic actives

Sederma has developed a unique range of bioactive ingredients, with substantiated efficacy for skin care (anti-ageing, moisturising, sebum control, etc.) as well as hair care, colour cosmetics and body care.rocirculation, stretch marks, moisturising, firming, sebum control as well as hair care, colour cosmetics,...

A case study around Plant Cell Culture

A case study around Plant Cell Culture
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Plan cell culture quality and safety illustration

Safety and Quality

  • No GMOs
  • No fertilisers, no pesticides, no preservatives
  • High quantity of phytochemicals
Plan cell culture sustainability illustration


  • No biosphere destruction
  • No need for transportation
  • No over exploitation of lands
  • No widespread use of solvents
Plan cell culture sourcing illustration


  • No crops
  • No seasonality
  • No suppliers
  • Unlimited availability

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