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Sederma - essential in cosmetic actives

Sederma has developed a unique range of bioactive ingredients, with substantiated efficacy for skin care (anti-ageing, moisturising, sebum control, etc.) as well as hair care, colour cosmetics and body care.

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Constantly looking for proven efficacy

Sederma has been a cosmetic active ingredient specialist for more than 50 years and it is in constant research of proven efficacy. 

Equipped with a high performance and modern claim substantiation laboratory, Sederma carries out powerful in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo tests to prove the efficacy of its products.

Innovation through concepts and ingredients

Sederma's teams are constantly innovating in biotechnologymolecular synthesisvegetal extraction and plant cell culture.

The R&D department work in synergy with the sales and marketing team, as well as the regulatory service to create innovative concept and ingredients.

R&D and manufacturing to administration and warehousing, are gathered in a 11 000 m² complex located in Le Perray-en-Yvelines (France).

Be ACTIVEly Committed

At Sederma, we are ACTIVEly Committed to minimise our social and environmental impacts on our stakeholders without compromising innovation, quality and safety in line with Croda's purpose "Smart science to improve lives". The strategy is built with the aim of sustainability innovating a policy of continuous improvement and to set-up a holistic view of doing business by placing equal emphasis on the Planet, People and Profit. As a result, we can ensure consistency between our product portfolio and our internal CSR policy management.

Quality and Reliability 

Modern and sophisticated  equipement to allow strong production capabilities and reliability.

We have a strong certification policy and Sederma strives for continuous improvement of quality, safety, sustainability, ethics and has received the following certifications: ISO 14001ISO 45001ISO 9001AEOCosmetic Ingredient Good Manufacturing Practice (EFfCI)RSPO and Halal. Sederma has also been evaluated by Sedex™ and Ecovadis™ (score 83/100 - Gold status).

Reliability and recognitions:

  • We developed and still produce Matrixyl®, one of the best-known anti-ageing active ingredients.
  • More than 140 cosmetic active ingredients on the market
  • 81 patent families for both active ingredients and technology
  • 17 awards worldwide


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Sederma awards

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Sederma certifications

Croda sustainability strategy strives to continuously certify and comply to standards within the personal care industry. This ambition improves quality and sustainability of individual ingredients and drives innovation to comply.
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Our on trend Sederma active ingredients

With an ageing population around the globe, the demand for anti-ageing skin care products is not decreasing. However, the aim is no longer to fight against age, but to beautify the skin, while feeling good about the ageing phenomenon. Anti-ageing products have shifted to pro-ageing products. Wrinkles prevent, moisturising, seboregulating, firming, radiance, ... there are specific products for every skin type, all age groups, lifestyles and budgets.



Encapsulated retinol by Sederma. ReVitAlide™ provides enhanced stability of retinol easing its formulation. It also improves retinol bioavailability into the skin reinforcing its efficacy.



Dedicated to improving the appearance of both hyperpigmented and vascular dark circles.



Fights against skin sagging. Feminage™ offers skin elasticity and firming benefits, helping reduce jowl sagging, droopy eyelids, crow’s feet wrinkles and marionette lines of menopausal women.



Realigning circadian rhythms, counteracting the effects of digital pollution, erasing signs of fatigue, delivering neuro-beauty benefits with a stronger self-esteem and an overall well-being,… These...



PoreTect® is the new skin texture rejuvenator from Sederma. Acting as a skin architect, this eco-designed active ingredient counteracts the age-related cutaneous pore enlargement phenomenon....



OptimHyal® is a new skin smoothing active ingredients obtained by biofermentation. OptimHyal® contains Glycokines™ which stimulate hyaluronic acid neosynthesis and sustain its turnover.



Designed to provide a global anti-ageing benefit to the legs, Legance® has proved its efficiency to improve the appearance and comfort of the legs by reducing water retention and refining the adipose...

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Be actively Committed with Sederma

Be ACTIVEly Committed

Clean beauty corresponds to a demand for healthy, ethical and eco-conscious products. Sederma is elevating the concept to the “committed beauty” by providing transparency all along the supply chain to benefit all.
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ReVitAlide™: Sederma’s hero encapsulated Retinol


Latest product launch: discover Revitalide™, the Sederma’s hero encapsulated retinol that answers the market demand for stable, easy-to-formulate, highly boiavailable and well-tolerated retinol.

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Inspiring Formulations for the Asian Market

Discover our new kit of formulations named Inspiring formulations for the Asian market. These formulations are focus on "perfect skin" achievement, suitable for the physiological of Asian skin and they help to fix skin issues caused by the pandemic.

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