Feeling is Believing

Croda offers an extensive selection of emollient ingredients, from esters and ethers, to lanolin and lanolin derivatives and vegetable oils, with sensory for every imaginable application. From silky, light emollients for products desiring a light feel, to emollients with medium and heavy feel where something more substantial is desired. The variety and versatility of our emollients give the formulator great latitude in designing products suited to a variety of sensorial benefits.

For your emollient needs, rely on Croda: the innovative industry leader.

  • Variety: from naturally-derived to synthetics, light to heavy skin feel; our emollient esters are used in every possible application in personal care and cosmetics
  • Versatility: from providing skin softness to imparting hair with a beautiful shine, the versatility of Croda emollient esters is unsurpassed
  • Innovation: Croda’s new emollient molecules provide surprising benefits beyond their primary function