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Personal Care
Personal Care

Personal care certifications and regulations

Beyond global, regional and local regulations, Croda strives for continuous improvement of its practices by getting official certifications from independent organisations. 

These certifications cover our activities and value chain from sourcing to end-product selling. Some of them are multidisciplinary like the ISO 9001 and 14001 quality standards or the EFfCI GMP quality standard while some others are validating our sustainable approach. 

This strong certification policy is an important aspect of the Croda Group corporate governance as it reflects our intrinsic commitment for continuous improvement. This is also a convincing asset to reassure consumers who are looking for more sustainable, natural and environmentally friendly products.

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Product finder

cosmetic formulation utilising natural ingredients to create on trend formulations

Formulation finder

Discover new formulation ideas for beauty and personal care that are trending at the moment. Get some formulation inspiration here.

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China suitable ingredients

Are you formulating for the Chinese market? Explore our list of IECIC approved products

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Discover the range of COSMOS natural approved and COSMOS organic certified ingredients, that can provide benefits for cosmetic manufacturers looking to easily create COSMOS-certified products.

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Assurance with Croda’s Halal products

In line with MUI standards, discover our extensive list of personal care ingredients suitable for cosmetics, skin and hair.

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ISO 16128

Discover Croda’s range of ISO 16128 natural, mineral and organic ingredients, defined in accordance with the standard.

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Sustainable palm oil (RSPO)

Responsibly addressing the social and environmental issues associated with Palm Oil (PO) and Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) is a priority for us at Croda. Moving forward, we consider the RSPO’s Mass Balance system to be an important, progressive step in supporting the palm oil physical supply chain and creating momentum towards segregated sustainable PO and PKO material.

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Vegan suitable

Discover Croda’s range of vegan suitable* ingredients that can provide benefits for personal care manufacturers looking to easily create formulations with vegan claims

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