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China-compliant cosmetic ingredients

China cosmetic ingredient regulations have been recently changing, and the Chinese market has been of interest to many manufacturers. The new Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulation (CSAR) rules require all cosmetic ingredients, including those that are directly shipped to China or used in any finished products for the China market, to be on the Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients (IECIC). Croda continue to work toward registering products which are included within the IECIC in the new CSAR process.

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Navigating our China-compliant products

By exploring our Product finder, you can easily navigate our inventory of IECIC approved, China-compliant cosmetic ingredients by selecting ‘IECIC’ within the ‘Certifications and standards’ filter. For formulation inspiration, you can browse our China-compliant formulations in the Formulation finder by selecting ‘China approved (IECIC)’ within the ‘Concepts’ filter.

We are also able provide our customers with NMPA submission codes and Annex XIV documents  for those materials which have already been listed in accordance with the new CSAR process. This allows our customers to register their own formulations which use Croda ingredients for sale in the Chinese market.

If you are looking for more information about the China CSAR process at Croda, please contact us.

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IECIC approved ingredients

Sun Care Formulation for Asian Sensory - Perfecting the Sensory of Sun Care

Sun care formulation for Asian sensory

Find out all about what the Asian consumer wants in their sun care formulation, and how our R&D team in the region worked collaboratively to meet this need.

solar formulating for china happy women outside sunlight in background

Formulating for the Chinese consumer - the science of sun care formulation development

Our solar experts have collated an in depth look into the science of sun defence, specifically focussed on the unique requirements of the China market. Whether you are a new formulator in China looking for guidance on your latest sun care formulation development, or you are looking to gain insight into the requirements of the Chinese market, our aim is to assist formulators in the design of UV skin protection products that meet the multi-faceted needs of the Chinese consumer. Download a copy of our new brochure now to learn more and discover our top formulating tips.
Want help formulating for the Chinese market or selecting suitable ingredients?