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Personal Care
Personal Care

Halal-certified ingredients for personal care

We are committed to ensuring that we have an inclusive range of products tailored to a variety of certifications and restrictions. Halal-certified ingredients are no exception. Many of our global manufacturing sites are certified to create Halal products. We stay up-to-date with policies and procedures set forth by Halal governing bodies and regularly audit our Halal manufacturing processes.
We are happy to offer more than 500 Halal-certified ingredients to support your product formulation, research and development, allowing you to reach consumers who wish to keep Halal in their personal care routines.
Four trendy Muslim women wearing hijabs posing together

Halal makeup: a rising market need

Consumers are increasingly demanding products that align with their ethics. Halal-certified products are a way for Muslims to bridge their faith with their lifestyle. Yet, Halal-certified products are not only appealing to Muslims – consumers of other faiths may also appreciate the option to choose these products. 

Visit our Product finder to browse our Halal ingredients and our Formulation finder for formulation inspiration.

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Halal-certified ingredients

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