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Personal Care

RSPO Certified Ingredients for Personal Care

Croda has received peer recognition for our progressive work to deliver products containing RSPO certified sustainable palm oil derivatives. We have achieved our corporate target to have fourteen of our manufacturing sites handling >99% of palm derivatives RSPO Supply Chain Certified (RSPO SCC) according to Mass Balance (MBAL) production. In 2012, Croda began sourcing RSPO Mass Balance palm derivatives into our manufacturing facilities and by end 2020 we expect to complete the transformation to 100% RSPO certified palm derivative raw materials into all finished ingredients. 
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Based on our calculations. Home and Personal Care consumer goods use around 5% of the world palm output. This is largely in the form of derivatives as they are the key ingredients to essential composition of these products. Since we produce the widest range of personal care ingredients in the world, it is our responsibility to help drive industry transformation to CSPO derivatives.

In August of 2015, the Consumer Good Forum issued Sustainable Palm Sourcing Guidelines with recommendations including RSPO certification of supply chains and palm oil sourcing policies that seek transparency and support the production of deforestation-free sustainable palm oil. Importantly, consumer goods companies are encouraged to disclose time bound company policies, implementation plans and goals, and demonstrate-free and sustainable palm oil in their individual supply chains. At Croda, we are already well advanced in meeting these demands, which has been widely recognised by our peers.

  • Fourteen of our manufacturing sites handling >99% of our palm derivatives volume are RSPO Supply Chain Certified (RSPO SCC) for physical supply chains
  • In 2021, we will complete the transformation to 100% RSPO certified palm derivative raw materials into all finished ingredients 
  • Founding member of Action for Sustainable Derivatives (ASD), a collaborative initiative that promotes responsible sourcing

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Global RSPO Product Guide

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Sustainable personal care ingredients

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Sustainability is at the heart of product innovation at Croda and it is considered at all stages of product development. We are championing sustainable personal care ingredients through sustainable innovation, sourcing, and manufacture.

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Strong Certification Policy

Our sustainable sourcing is validated by official certifications like ISO 9001 and 14001 standards among others

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