The COSMOS-standard AISBL is a not-for-profit, international association set-up to own, manage and develop standard for organic and natural cosmetics. The cosmetics market and industry are both international, so consumers and companies are best served by a single standard. A single international standard is the only way to ensure the same clarity, integrity and consumer trust, as well as, manufacturing efficiency and sustainable development.


Any product certified COSMOS ORGANIC or COSMOS NATURAL (or conform to the standards) have been evaluated to confirm production and manufacturing have met the strict standards set forth. Since this industry is still fairly new and small, the standards have been set up to include progressive steps to ensure they are able to adapt and evolve as technology and industry growth increases. The guiding principles are to:
  • Promote the use of products from organic agriculture and respect biodiversity
  • Use natural resources responsibly and respect the environment
  • Use processing and manufacturing practices that are clean and respectful to human health and the environment