Sustainability is at the heart of our product innovation and at Croda, we know that product innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. We assess the everyday impact of our products in two ways, intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic, referring to attributes such as, renewable raw material content or “cradle-to-gate” carbon footprint; and extrinsic, which refers to the social, environmental and financial impacts our products have in use or as they biodegrade at the end of their life. Part of achieving our 2030 target of becoming Climate, Land and People positive includes considering sustainability at all stages of new product development. Below are some examples of how we are striving towards our ambitious sustainability targets.

Sustainable Product Innovation at Croda

  • Our speciality polymers improve the water resistance and durability of sun creams, increasing effectiveness whilst reducing the frequency of applications, saving the amount of product consumers need to use.
  • We strive towards the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry when creating new ingredients .
  • We have ingredients that enable our customers to make their formulations at lower temperatures (cold process), reducing the energy requirements and costs of manufacture.
  • Our range of UV filters are utilised in formulations around the world to protect consumers from the suns harmful rays
  • The ECO range of surfactants are a 100% bio-based alternative to traditional ethoxylated products and reduces the reliance on fossil fuels  
  • We use sustainable palm (RSPO) in the manufacturing of our personal care products

Eco-Design Approach 

Eco-design is integrated into our product development throughout our businesses. This approach ensures that we minimise the environmental and social impacts of our products by considering raw materials and its associated supply chains, processes, solvents and manufactured products. At Croda, we have chosen to assess our process impacts by evaluating them through industry recognised independent frameworks like the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry and applying the principles of ISO 26000. These tangible calculations of impacts allow us a continuous improvement of our CSR practices. Some of our active ingredients are produced using eco-designed such as Plant Cell Culture, supercritical COor Eco-sound extraction helping reduce the products environmental impact.