See how sustainable palm oil works for you

Croda has received peer recognition for our progressive work to deliver products containing RSPO certified sustainable palm oil derivatives. We have achieved our corporate target to have fourteen of our manufacturing sites handling >99% of palm derivatives RSPO Supply Chain Certified (RSPO SCC) according to Mass Balance (MBAL) production. In 2012, Croda began sourcing RSPO Mass Balance palm derivatives into our manufacturing facilities and by end 2020 we expect to complete the transformation to 100% RSPO certified palm derivative raw materials into all finished ingredients. 

Responsibly addressing the social and environmental issues associated with Palm Oil (PO) and Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) is a priority for us at Croda. Moving forward, we consider the RSPO’s Mass Balance system to be an important, progressive step in supporting the palm oil physical supply chain and creating momentum towards segregated sustainable PO and PKO material.