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Personal Care
Models walking in line on a catwalk representing the latest trends in fashion, cosmetics and consumer habits

Personal Care Trends - formulating to meet consumer and market needs

Finding inspiration is always a difficult task in a fast-paced world where we have little time to reflect, observe and process. Find fast inspiration with the latest trends in the market, with consumers and in formulations development. This information can assist you in designing sustainable, creative and novel products that cater to your customer needs. If you want to discover more, visit our personal care blog or relevant application page. 

Water conscious beauty

Water is becoming one of the worlds most precious resources and is often found in high concentrations in personal care formulations. The waterless trend covers two concepts, reducing water within formulations and also creating formulations which require little or no water for application or rinsing off. Our formulators have worked on some novel formulations to help you meet this trend. To learn more read our blog post and download our water conscious presentation. 
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Beautiful female with striking black makeup to represent the Phantasmagoria colour trend

Phantasmagoria colour trend A/W 2021/22

As we look ahead to the colour forecast for autumn/winter 2021/2022, the Phantasmagoria trend emerges. This colour trend that offers escapism and opulence in dark times as we will see a more dramatic shift between the seasons. To discover more, follow the link to watch the trend video and download the colour trend presentation to find out more.
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Upcycling by Crodarom

The use of waste and by-products from other industries is a strong and sustainable approach that Crodarom integrates into its business model. Discover our 'upcycling' solutions with a selection of ingredients obtained from by-products of different industries.
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Screen light ageing

Digital pollution

In a year where we have been stuck in our homes for more time than usual and in an era where we are using our electronic devices with screens even more, the concern around digital pollution is growing. Discover our presentation about screen light ageing, the impact it has on our skin and solutions from Sederma.
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Menopausal women - global consumer study

Get together around a tea of happy smiling seniors
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An RNA story to serve life … and beauty

A picture of RiboNucleic Acid used by Sederma to offer the cosmetic industry efficient active ingredients.
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At home beauty by Crodarom

At home beauty
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Trends 2022 by Crodarom

Crodarom trends 2022
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