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Personal Care Trends - formulating to meet consumer and market needs

Finding inspiration is always a difficult task in a fast-paced world where we have little time to reflect, observe and process. Find fast inspiration with the latest trends in the market, with consumers and in formulations development. This information can assist you in designing sustainable, creative and novel products that cater to your customer needs. If you want to discover more, visit our personal care blog or relevant application page. 
A picture of RiboNucleic Acid used by Sederma to offer the cosmetic industry efficient active ingredients.

mRNA technology innovation in beauty applications

The mRNA acronym (RiboNucleic Acid) is this “new” technology used for the COVID vaccine. What may be suprising is that at Sederma they have been using this technology for a long time to create new active ingredient innovations for the cosmetic industry. 
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solar formulating for china happy women outside sunlight in background

Formulating for the Chinese consumer - the science of sun care formulation development

Our solar experts have collated an in depth look into the science of sun defence, specifically focussed on the unique requirements of the China market. Whether you are a new formulator in China looking for guidance on your latest sun care formulation development, or you are looking to gain insight into the requirements of the Chinese market, our aim is to assist formulators in the design of UV skin protection products that meet the multi-faceted needs of the Chinese consumer. Download a copy of our new brochure now to learn more and discover our top formulating tips.

Water conscious beauty

Waterless beauty has become one of the most prominent trends within the personal care industry today as beauty consumers continue to take conscious steps towards more sustainable routines. In response, brands and manufacturers have adapted their offerings to limit their dependence on this precious resource – resulting in more anhydrous products, in many forms, on the market than ever before. To learn more read our blog post and download our water conscious presentation.
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Cosmetic dermatology: blurred lines

cosmetic dermatology: blurred lines
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Be Unique Be Authentic presentation

AUTHENTIC BEAUTY: Be Unique Be Authentic
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Skin Brightening in Asia

Skin Brightening in Asia
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Ampoules in beauty care

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Menopausal women - global consumer study

Get together around a tea of happy smiling seniors
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Mineral beauty - trace elements for our skin and hair

pots of the earths natural resources such as salt
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Concious beauty - making a positive impact

Hands holding a tree sat within a globe
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