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Personal Care
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Personal care applications

We are experts in a broad range of applications comprising the beauty and personal care market and offer our customers strong and reliable support and technical expertise. Using our diverse and innovative product range, where we offer a full package to our customers including unique and specialised actives, a full line of natural botanicals extracts, differentiated effect ingredients for colour, skin, hair and sun care products and well-known formulation aids for chassis development.

Our global network of expert formulation scientists offer support in formulation development and claims substantiation. Our commercial teams bring their expertise in the market and our product safety department support in navigating complex regulatory environments. All these functions combine to provide our customers with immediate access to all the essential services for successful beauty and personal care product development and implementation whilst also ensuring that sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Learn more about our expertise and specialisation in the following market application areas, where we can offer a variety of support to you for your development process.
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Colour cosmetics

Whether for personal expression, disguising perceived imperfections or highlighting natural beauty, consumers love experimenting with colour! We provide solutions and technologies for delivering the perfect look – whatever the motivation.

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Hair care

Curly, straight, wavy – your call! Consumers seek flexibility and want hair care products that cleanse, condition, style and treat a variety of hair care needs. Find ingredients that meet these needs with our wide range of products.

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Beautiful Asian woman touching her face to represent Croda Personal Care skin care

Skin care

Formulate innovative and effective products with amazing textures and trendy concepts from our active, emotive, effect and chassis ingredients. We enable you to answer the needs of consumers wherever their region and whatever their beauty routine.

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Young attractive male in bathroom looking at his reflection in the mirror with a towel over his shoulder

Male grooming

Over the years a man’s grooming routine has evolved and it is no longer just shower, shave and deodorant – it is so much more. Men’s grooming routines now feature facial cleansers, moisturisers, bronzing, hair and beard colourants as well as men’s makeup. Find ingredients to meet your male grooming needs with our wide range of products.

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Group of young people enjoying the sun safely using Croda's range of inorganic UV filters

Solar protection

No longer just for beachwear products, consumers are now looking for UV, blue light and infrared protection claims in daily wear products. Our range of mineral UV filters can make broad spectrum claims easy!

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