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Personal Care
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As consumers become more educated and search for new products and routines, the skin care market is constantly evolving. This increased knowledge has led to the emergence of new trends and a demand for inclusivity, transparency and specialised solutions.


Today, consumers are looking for efficacious skin care formulations that will bring wellness and that are good for health and the environment. They also want products and beauty routines that are practical and easy to use, but also customised solutions to express their true selves. Skin care products are not only efficient, they are now fun and consumers are ready to experiment new effective products.


How can we help ?


We develop active, emotive, effect and chassis ingredients that will help you formulate innovative and effective products with unique textures and trendy concepts that answer the needs of the consumer; regardless of their region or their beauty routine.


Here, you can find our most popular body care and facial care ingredients to create simple formulations or bring new life to your highly sophisticated skin care formulations. Find your next inspirational formula idea or key ingredient by browsing through trending skin care areas that feature our targeted skin care ingredients for these hot topics.


You will be able to find solutions for every part of the body and any needs. To help you finding the best ingredient for your future developments, we divided our skin care solutions into seven categories : ageing beautifully, body care, effortless cleansing, complexion enhancing, moisturising, pollution defence, and shaving & antiperspirants. You can also use our product finder to find the perfect ingredient that fits with your requirements.


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Product finder

The Skin Microbiome - Maintaining a Healthy Balance

Colorful image of microbiota ecosystem
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Inspiring formulations for the Asian market

Inspiring formulations for the Asian Market
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Ampoules in beauty care

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Ageing beautifully with skin care actives from Croda

Ageing beautifully

Ageing doesn't mean losing beauty when using powerful and renowned ingredients. Discover our range of anti-ageing active ingredients to offer innovative solutions to age beautifully and meet consumers' new expectations, whatever their age.

Group of men and women practising yoga at the beach in keeping with the global Active Beauty trend of body care in terms of fitness and pampering

Body care

The skin is the largest organ in the body and protecting and caring for it forms a dynamic part of the skin care market. Discover our extensive range of chassis and active ingredients for body care.

Beautiful female with water splashing on her face demonstrating effortless cleansing from Croda's range of  high performance cleansing ingredients

Effortless cleansing

High-performance ingredients including purifying ingredients, gentle cleansing surfactants, low foam emulsifiers and natural exfoliants to easily remove long-lasting make-up, dirt or pollution particles.

Steps to improve complexion

Complexion enhancing

A flawless complexion depends on numerous factors: blemishes, hyperpigmented areas, redness, dark circles, acne, fatigue or uneven tone ... Discover our solutions to always be selfie-ready!

Droplet of water creating flower pattern representing moisturisation in skin care products


Our moisturising solutions include humectants and emollients for skin care formulations but there are many other strategies depending on the sensory you desire.

Young female wearing a black bikini and a gas mask, sitting in a deckchair sunbathing in a polluted environment where the skin is exposed to numerous pollutants that damage cells which can be protected with Croda's diverse ingredients ranges

Pollution defence

The skin, being one of the first organs in contact with the air, is exposed to numerous pollutants that contribute to damage skin cells; their action being intensified by ultraviolet radiation. The skin is exposed to numerous pollutants, including blue light irradiation, emitted by screens, that contribute to damage skin cells.

Father and son in bathroom experimenting with shaving foam

Shaving and antiperspirants

Shaving, hair removal, antiperspirant and deodorant products are used universally and now require other value-added benefits like moisturisation and hair minimising.

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