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Personal Care
Female having purple glitter eyeshadow applied using makeup brush that showcases Croda's Moonshine effect pigment range

Colour cosmetics ingredients

Colour cosmetics is a broad term which encompasses different categories of products for skin, eyes, cheeks and lips. It is a growing market as consumers increasingly seek to be always selfie-ready. Make-up can enhance overall physical appearance, conceal flaws or define features, making one appear healthier and look more refreshed. Consumers have also expressed that colour cosmetics have helped improve their mental well-being, by empowering them and boosting their self-confidence.

Beautiful dark skinned woman with glowing skin and dramatic makeup

We provide solutions for several facets of colour cosmetics, ranging from structure, emolliency and emulsification to moisturisation, durability and vibrancy. Our technology can enhance the performance and feel of various colour cosmetic applications. With a large range of actives, botanical extracts and oils, we add sensorial dimension to natural make-up care. Check out our portfolio of formulations for inspiration, and to help you customise and build your next colour innovation!

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Genderless beauty - how influencers are shaping colour cosmetics

Lower Half of Male Face With Groomed Moustache and Purple Glossy Lip Make-up Representing Croda Genderless Beauty Presentation
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Collage of faces and hands with graphics of glitter to represent Croda's Moonshine Effect Pigments

Moonshine™ Effect Pigments

Our Moonshine Effect Pigments range consists of five distinct product series which showcase quality borosilicate-based pigments that offer the opportunity to create striking visual effects in formulation. These borosilicate pigments allow for brilliant colour transmission, impressive colour intensity and dazzling gloss, providing formulations with the unique and innovative effects desired by the Personal Care industry; not only for colour cosmetics, but also for many other applications in areas such as Skin Care, Sun Care and Hair Care.
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The latest trend in colour cosmetics

Female having purple glitter eyeshadow applied using makeup brush that showcases Croda's Moonshine effect pigment range


View ingredients and order samples for eye cosmetics

Bring liveliness and beauty back to cheeks and eyes with our ingredients and formulations rich in moisture and style. Create a variety of colour-rich and stylish palettes that add a natural, colourful look for anywhere and anytime.

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Beautiful brunette female smiling with foundation swatches on one side of her face


View ingredients and order samples for facial cosmetics

The first step in creating a perfect make-up day for your customer is to help them prepare their skin, allowing it to serve as a foundation for whatever look they wish to present to the world that day.

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Beautiful dark skinned woman holding pink lipstick to represent Croda Personal Care's Colour Cosmetics Ingredients


View ingredients and order samples for lip cosmetics

Sometimes we do not need full or elaborate make-up; all we need is a good lipstick to bring out our beauty. Lipsticks can be powerful instruments to highlight and enhance your perfect look and, in many cases, be the make-up star

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Female wearing purple lipstick with purple and black french manicure and gold glitter showing how Croda's nail care ingredients can improve nail integrity, prevent damage and lock in moisture


View ingredients and order samples for nail cosmetics

Nails are constantly trending and this is due to the demand for new collections every season, with new colours and visual effects. This demand is also seen for ingredients and actives that can fortify and maintain healthy nails, creating a perfect platform for nail artistry.

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Hybrid make up power hour webinar from Sederma

Hybrid make-up trend

When make-up becomes skin care and vice versa

According to a recent NPD Group report, 90% of all US women using make-up reported using some with skincare benefits. Stay at the top of the trend, download our Hybrid Make-up presentation and discover how colour cosmetics can bring long-term benefits to your skin.

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