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Personal Care
Beautiful brunette female with long, straight, shiny and brunette hair that can be achieved using Croda's diverse range of hair applications for conditioning, straightening and cleansing for softening, strengthening, frizz control, thermal protection, colour retention and moisturisation

Hair care

The hair care market is constantly evolving, with innovative ingredients being essential to meet the diverse and complex needs of consumers. Our extensive range of quality hair care ingredients deliver high-performance and multifunctional benefits, helping you to design inspirational hair care formulations that satisfy the needs of the modern consumer.
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With a global network of hair care experts specialising in claims substantiation, our hair care teams have the capability to validate a variety of consumer appealing claims, utilising a diverse range of hair types and established or novel test methods that are unique to Croda. Coupled with our extensive hair care formulation expertise, we are on hand to assist in every aspect of product development to help you meet the specialised needs of your customers.

Hair care ingredients

A Croda guide to beautiful & lustrous hair

A Croda guide to beautiful & lustrous hair
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Conscious consumerism: what 'clean' means for hair care

Listen again as we explore how ingredient transparency, sustainability and environmental impact, amongst other key claims, are fuelling a movement for cleaner solutions in the global hair care market.
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Hair care

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