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Beautiful brunette female with long, straight, shiny and brunette hair that can be achieved using Croda's diverse range of hair applications for conditioning, straightening and cleansing for softening, strengthening, frizz control, thermal protection, colour retention and moisturisation

Hair care

As consumers become more educated and search for new products and routines, the hair care market is constantly evolving. This increased knowledge has led to the emergence of new trends, such as scalp care, and a demand for inclusivity and specialised solutions. 
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Health and wellness are also now playing a huge part in consumers lives that are craving looking and feeling their best. They have now made hair care part of their self-care routine, and this has resulted in a move away from basic shampoo and conditioner regimes to focus more on wellbeing and taking a moment to relax. These routines are not just about cleansing, but also consider the importance of hair and scalp hydration when looking to keep hair in good condition.  

Consumers have also started to embrace their natural hair textures, specifically for curly, textured hair, empowered by inclusive cultural movements and a desire to express their true self. There is also space for fun and experimentation, as consumers look for solutions that allow them to change up their styles with freedom, with effective products that deliver the results they desire. 

How can we help? 

Our extensive range of quality hair care ingredients deliver high-performance and multifunctional benefits, helping you to design inspirational hair care formulations that satisfy the diverse and complex needs of the modern consumer. We also have a large library of on-trend guide formulations for hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners, pomades, treatments, colourants, relaxers and styling products. 
With a global network of hair care experts specialising in claims substantiation, our hair care teams have the capability to validate a variety of consumer appealing claims, utilising a diverse range of hair types and established or novel test methods that are unique to Croda. Coupled with our extensive hair care formulation expertise, we are on hand to assist in every aspect of product development to help you meet the specialised needs of your customers. 

Hair care ingredients

A Croda guide to beautiful & lustrous hair

A Croda guide to beautiful & lustrous hair
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Conscious consumerism: what 'clean' means for hair care

Listen again as we explore how ingredient transparency, sustainability and environmental impact, amongst other key claims, are fuelling a movement for cleaner solutions in the global hair care market.
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Female combing conditioner through her wet hair to maintain shine and vibrancy using Croda ingredients that are suited to all hair types and ethnicities with conditioning, sun protecting, anti-age, anti-frizz, retention of curls and colour maintenance, benefits


Discover our wide range of multi-functional conditioning agents suitable for all hair types and conditions, delivering personalised hair care solutions.

Trendy young female with fashionable pink, styled hair that can be maintained using Croda's range of post-colour ingredients for a long lasting, shiny, radiant effect and sulphate-free products to avoid stripping of hair pigments and improve colour durability

Hair colour

Discover our wide range of innovative hair colour ingredients to meet all of your hair colour formulation needs.

Male with styled hair from Crodas wide range of ingredients for the hair styling market

Hair styling

Discover our extensive range of innovative hair styling ingredients to help you create inspirational hair styling formulations.

Dark haired female receiving hair treatment in salon using Croda's diverse range of hair care applications for various hair types for scalp care, conditioning, colouring, cleansing, damage care and straightening giving benefits that include softening, strengthening, thermal protection, frizz control, colour retention and moisturisation

Hair treatments

Discover our broad range of innovative hair treatment ingredients to help combat common hair and scalp conditions.

Man lathering hair with shampoo that contains Croda's diverse portfolio of ingredients for a range of hair applications ranging from scalp care, conditioning, colouring, damage and styling to give benefits such as softening, thermal protection, frizz control, colour retention and moisturisation.


Discover our wide range of multi-functional shampoo ingredients suitable for all hair cleansing needs, delivering personalised hair care solutions.

Hair care

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