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Young attractive male in bathroom looking at his reflection in the mirror with a towel over his shoulder

Male grooming

Over the years a man’s grooming routine has evolved and it is no longer just a simple shower, shave and deodorant – it is so much more. Men’s grooming routines are now much more complex and a focus in a male’s day to day life. The modern man’s routine can include facial cleansers, moisturisers, bronzing, hair and beard colourants as well as men’s make-up.
Group of multi-ethnic males relaxing and laughing to represent Croda's male grooming ingredients

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Male grooming by Sederma presentation

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Beard care by Sederma presentation

Trendy young attractive male with dark hair and beard with arms folded
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Bottom of man's face and shoulders touching stubble and beard

Beard care

Whether a male chooses a clean-cut look, maintained stubble or a groomed full beard, beard care is a crucial step in a man’s routine and there are many ways a man can take care of this, including balms, oils and serums.
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Mature bearded male looking in mirror and applying moisturiser to represent Croda Personal Care male grooming

Skin care

The male skincare routine has come a long way from just using a bar of soap to wash the face and can now have many different steps including, cleansers, toners, moisturisers and serums. The increasing complexity in male skincare routines is inspired by the 10-step skincare routines popular in Korea. This Korean idea of ‘perfect’ looking skin is a huge influence on new and upcoming skincare products and trends. 

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Bearded male applying mascara

Male make-up

Make-up is no longer just for females as the boundaries for genderless beauty become blurred. Similar to the female make-up market, this can be seen in many different ways as some males may choose to create a bold full glam look to express their creativity and personality, whereas other males may opt for a more subtle ‘no-make-up’ look created using concealers, neutral liners and lightweight foundations or bb creams.

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Hipster male with beard and shiny hair with female representing Sederma's Silverfree that helps to recover original hair colour


Freedom to be authentic
Silverfree helps visibly reduce the density of white hair and helps recover the original hair colour
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Pixelated man's face with birch sap branches representing Sederma's NG Birch Sap

NG Birch sap

Get the essentials... in just 2 weeks
Oligo-elements for cutaneous firmness and moisturisation, especially for men
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Two pearls on a white background with one of them representing Crodarom Black Pearl

Crodarom Black Pearl

The queen of pearls
A natural marine mineral supply which may support the regulation of complexion and rejuvenation from dry to tired skin and hair
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Young male on the beach practising yoga to represent the perfect balance of Croda's Solaveil HTP1 MBAL

Solaveil HTP1 MBAL

Perfectly balanced
Balancing an effective particle size with appealing aesthetics, our latest innovation brings perfect harmony to your skin protection products
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