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Solar protection - UV filter active ingredients

As the world’s leading supplier of mineral sunscreen dispersions and driven by our Purpose, to use ‘Smart Science to Improve Lives’ we are tackling some of the biggest challenges the world is facing today and have made a commitment to be ‘Climate, Land and People Positive’ by 2030. One of our Hero Targets is to protect at least 60 million people annually from potentially developing skin cancer from harmful UV rays, through the use of our solar protection ingredients. 

Our range of Solaveil™ Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) and Zinc Oxide (ZnO) UV actives helps us to meet this target. Available as powders and dispersions, these safe and natural mineral filters have various different particle sizes and are designed to enable you to meet diverse consumer needs and global regulatory requirements.

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Why choose inorganic UV filters?
Inorganic UV filters are considered to be the most natural UV filters on the market as they are nature identical minerals. Titanium dioxide is obtained by transformation of inorganic compounds mined from the earth and then processed to obtain clean and safe UV filters. Zinc oxide occurs naturally as the mineral zincite, for cosmetic use it is produced to replicate the structure found in nature. In contrast chemical UV filters are fossil derived in origin and are entirely synthetic chemical compounds. 

Croda's Solaveil range of TiO2 and ZnO have numerous natural credentials such as ISO 16128, COSMOS and Ecocert. 

Other benefits of inorganic UV filters:
⦁ Broad-spectrum UVB, UVA, HEV and Infrared protection benefits
⦁ Approved for use globally up to 25% active
⦁ Low irritancy and sensitisation makes them ideal for babies and children and sensitive skin
⦁ Allow high SPFs to be achieved with only one or two active ingredients

Solar protection ingredients

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Mythbusting with Croda
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An easy-to-use tool that provides data on inclusion levels and achievable SPF when formulating with Croda’s mineral UV filters.

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