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Welcome to the Croda Personal Care blog! Each week we will be provided blog content from our global team presenting you the latest industry news, trending topics, new innovations and much more. We will bring you closer to our experts in sales, technical and marketing who will share their thoughts and opinions on topics shaping the beauty and personal care industry. 
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nature inspired woman with hair over eye holding flowers in sun

Grateful for Mother Nature: Inspired by Natural Beauty

From dietary choices to clean, sustainable brands, the conscious consumer desires a more natural lifestyle, sparking a shift across all industries, including beauty and personal care. Interest in...

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Body Positive Movement: The role of natural cosmetics

The Body Positive social movement has led the major developments in the body care market in the recent years, with the skinification and healthification of cosmetics. Discover how high-performance...

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food including pasta, marshmallows and a dip

Titanium dioxide food ban in Europe explained

UV filters, and their potential impact on human health and the environment, are receiving close scrutiny from regulators across the globe. Whilst use of mineral UV filters is on the rise due to...

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trees in the forest

Sustainability without compromise with ChromaPur CV2 and CV7

Discover our latest products launch ChromaPur CV2 & CV7, that offer a sustainable and functional replacement to plastic microbeads.

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Couple in the forest of black spruce - ChromaPur CV2 & CV7

Croda’s latest innovation – ChromaPur™ CV2 and CV7

Discover Croda's new sustainable and functional alternatives to plastic microbeads, ChromaPur CV2 and CV7, offering exceptional sensory and optical benefits to skin care and colour cosmetics.

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makeup trends 2022 three women putting on makeup

Makeup trends 2022: The wake-up of makeup & return to routine

The hibernation of makeup is over- it’s time to wake up! The combination of a relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions and a desire for routine is set to drive immense growth in the beauty and personal...

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carbon emissions in the beauty industry blog

Beauty Cares about Carbon – How the beauty industry can help mitigate climate change

Climate change is no longer something that we can set to tackle in the future. Read this blog to discover some of the actions that can be taken to reduce our carbon emissions in Beauty and Personal...

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happy woman cleaning face with sulfate free foaming cleanser blue background

Sulfate-free solutions for the conscious consumer

Sulfates are often considered a controversial class of ingredients, with a boom in the number of sulfate-free claims in the personal care industry. Learn more about the market dynamics that are...

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Woman wearing hat in a field of wild flowers with arms in the air representing Croda's vegan suitable formulations

Meeting the demand for vegan beauty

The demand for vegan beauty products is dramatically on the rise with consumers seeking vegan suitable beauty formulations. Croda can help with the quest for vegan beauty with a portfolio of vegan...

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encapsulated retinol

Retinol vs Encapsulated retinol: Encapsulation technologies for more effective cosmetic actives.

What is retinol? How does it work in the skin? What retinol issues does ReVitAlide™, the Sederma’s encapsulated retinol solve? This blog gives you the answers to these questions.

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Synthetic biology in cosmetics limitless perspectives

Synthetic biology in cosmetics: limitless perspectives

Have you already heard about synthetic biology? Learn about synthetic biology and numerous sustainable benefits to produce molecules of interest for cosmetic applications.

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unique textures collection

Unique Textures Collection: innovative textures for your next beauty venture

Beauty and personal care products must pay attention to all senses, including touch. Texture and format of the product transforms the overall experience. When routines fall into monotony, the search...

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women with flowers representing eco-conscious customers that want local responsible and sustainable sourcing for cosmetics

Meeting Consum'Actor needs: how Crodarom and Alban Muller ensure sustainable sourcing for cosmetics

Discover how Crodarom and Alban Muller address conscious consumers’ demand for transparency and sustainability with their local and responsible, sustainable sourcing for cosmetics.

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SCS Logo

IFSCC Congress 2022: igniting passion in the Personal Care industry

This year the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS) will be hosting the 32nd IFSCC Congress in London with our platinum sponsorship. In this blog find out first-hand about how SCS membership ignites...

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Mythbusting with Croda

Sunscreen and UV filter myth busters

The Solaveil™ team debunk some of the biggest sunscreen and SPF myths and share the facts. Tackling some of the most common misconceptions about sunscreens amongst the general public, this blog will...

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beautiful woman smiling whilst holding her long soft hair

TikTok hair care and scalp care trends – how is it evolving the beauty landscape and influencing Generation Z?

TikTok has become the platform of choice to embrace hair diversity, to uncover and share peer-to-peer testimonies, to solve hair and scalp conditions, and even, to break down the science behind hair...

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Two women shop for beauty products

Want to avoid greenwashing? Consider ingredient transparency…

Greenwashing is becoming increasingly offensive as consumer desire for honesty and transparency rises. Ingredient transparency is a key step to avoiding this bad practice…

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tourists in Paris to represents the french beauty market

Who are the new players blowing a wind of change in the French beauty market?

Who are the new beauty brands? How do these new players breath a change in the French beauty market? To answer these questions, we explored a selection of those brands blooming in the French beauty...

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brunette woman hairstyling tools

Hairstyling is back—along with increased socialising and appreciation for aesthetic

The resurgence of hairstyling is upon us! Thanks to lessening COVID-19 restrictions and warmer weather, people are itching to get out and about more than ever. The desire to get done up is stronger...

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Colourful woman

Beauty Trends 2023 : new concepts for successful personal care products

Let’s discover in this blog article the new beauty trends for 2023 and get inspired by new concepts and consumer insights presented by Crodarom and Alban Muller.

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