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Welcome to the Croda Personal Care blog! Each week we will be provided blog content from our global team presenting you the latest industry news, trending topics, new innovations and much more. We will bring you closer to our experts in sales, technical and marketing who will share their thoughts and opinions on topics shaping the beauty and personal care industry. 
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Geo Skincare - climate-smart customtised cosmetics products

Geoskincare takes centre stage in beauty trends for 2024

Dive into the new beauty concept that acknowledges that skin's needs differ based on geographical regions – from temperate to extreme climates!

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How the wellness trend is impacting beauty formulation: Top tips for personal care innovation

Beauty has expanded to encompass both external appearance and health and wellness. We explore the factors driving the trend, its impact on beauty innovation and provide our top tips for personal care...

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Four people representing personal care application areas for the 2023 highlights

Our personal care highlights so far from 2023

Croda Personal Care's highlights for the first half of 2023 that include company news, new product launches, formulation expertise, trends and inspiration as well as a sneaky look at what is coming...

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white cream texture on pink background

Portfolio expansion: Tech & Nature combine for biotech success

Learn more about our range of biotechnology-derived, bio-based ceramides, sphingolipids and phospholipids, and the powerful benefits they can deliver to your cosmetic formulations.

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women smiling with clear skin

Croda completes acquisition of Solus Biotech

Acquisition of Solus Biotech expands Croda’s biotechnology-derived skin care portfolio

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Melostem, cocooning the melanocyte to preserve skin's sun capital

Summer is you know how to avoid white and dark spots on skin?

Do you know that white and dark spots on skin are visible signs of skin’s sun capital exhaustion? In this blog, we will uncover the origin of white and dark spots and how they can be faded thanks to...

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Aura Beauty - mixing science and tradition

The power of tradition and science: Creating exciting solutions for trendy cosmetic products

Dive into the new beauty concept where tradition and science intertwine to create trend cosmetic products!

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Crodarom and Alban Muller's 2023 Catalog

Discover the power of Nature: unveiling the Botanical Alliance’s catalogue

A streamlined catalogue, inspired by the wonders of nature and the latest scientific and technological advances, rich in innovation, wonderful storytelling, and sustainability

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croda employees at booth

Croda Offers Full-service Beauty Solutions at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2023

Croda welcomed customers and colleagues to their stand at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day that took place in New York City, New York from May 2nd to 3rd.

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consumer looking at skincare products

The future of Skin Care: Connecting health, science and tradition

'Skintellectual' consumers are shaping future trends in skincare and there is a strong interest in sustainable solutions focused on skin health, protection and microbiome mixed with science-backed and...

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solar formulating for china happy women outside sunlight in background

Formulating for the Chinese consumer - The science of sun care formulation development

Our solar experts have collated an in depth look into the science of sun defence, specifically focussed on the unique requirements of the China market and consumer preferences to aid your sun care...

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three beautiful young women smiling

Which Beauty Consumer Persona Are You? Top Tips on Formulating for Indie Beauty Brands

By tailoring formulations to meet their specific expectations, we can create beauty products that resonate deeply with these discerning individuals and enhance their beauty routines in extraordinary...

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Be ACTIVEly Committed to sustainable cosmetics: our brochure

A strong certification policy to obtain sustainable cosmetics

Learn in this blog how thanks to a strong certification policy, we monitor our sustainability strategy to measure the results of our concrete actions and constantly improve our practices.

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Responsible sourcing for sustainable cosmetic ingredients

What is responsible sourcing and why is it important to us?

A journey though what responsible sourcing means to us, and how we do it to ensure consumer's expectations of sustainability and ethics

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solar protection skin cancer people with albanism africa

Protection against skin cancer for people with albinism in Africa

In sub-Saharan Africa, skin cancer ends the life of nine out of ten people with albinism before reaching the age of 30. Learn about how Croda is working with our partners to help improve the lives of...

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2024 Beauty trends by Crodarom & Alban Muller

Beauty Trends 2024

2024 will be shaped by freedoms! Crodarom and Alban Muller invite you to discover three new beauty concepts that may be game changer next year

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Croda stand at in-cosmetics global 2023 in Barcelona representing Croda Personal Care brands Sederma, Crodarom, Alban Muller, Iberchem and Parfex

A journey of wellness with Croda at in cosmetics Global 2023

Discover the latest ingredient launches from Croda, Sederma, Crodarom and Alban Muller, together with a broad range of formulations that perfectly demonstrate how all of our personal care brands,...

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PhytAura™ - Skin well-being inspired by Chinese traditions

PhytAura™ - Crodarom's new natural ingredient

Discover PhytAura™ our latest product launched by Crodarom, offering soothing, hydrating and strengthening benefits for the skin's well-being

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textured hair routine formulation kit magnifying glass with orange yellow background

Croda’s Textured Hair Routine Formulation Kit – an answer to the specific needs of people with textured hair

Croda recently organised a hair care focus group in Sao Paulo, Brazil, amongst consumers with different curl types. It helped us to learn more about people with textured hair experiences, challenges,...

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beauty snacking trend: self-care cosmetics in beauty fridge

The Beauty Snacking trend: adding self-care moments to your beauty routine

The beauty snacking trend encourages consumers to take small self-care moments that improve their emotional wellbeing and the health of their skin and hair. Explore our ideas for making beauty...

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