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Beauty in Simplicity - less is more

In the unprecedented times of Covid-19, many consumers have seen the stress, uncertainty and feelings of isolation take a toll on their wellbeing (Mintel, 2020). With the increasing awareness around mental health, the importance of self-care has been highlighted, and consumers are shifting towards more simplistic lifestyles. 

81% of global consumers considered living a less complicated lifestyle important in creating a feeling of wellbeing and wellness (GlobalData, 2019).

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Buyers of personal care products are ;looking to streamline their routines and use fewer ingredients, as ease of use, environmental impact and skin health become increasingly important to them. Here at Croda we have identified five areas where consumer habits are highlighting the trend for simplicity:  

Streamlined Routines

Consumers are seeking simpler routines with fewer steps to save time and reduce the number of products they use.

Fewer Ingredients

Consumers look to reduce the amount of ingredients their skin is exposed to as the importance of healthy skin and scalp care is further highlighted.

Informed Consumers

Consumers want to be confident in the products they’re using. As they scale back on products, they have adapted a buy less, choose well mentality and look for products with clear claims, understandable product compositions and more intense/effective active ingredients.

Barely-there Makeup

Consumers are moving to subtle makeup looks which concentrate on enhancing their features and highlighting healthy skin. These more natural looks have also been seen on recent catwalks.


 The lives of consumers are getting busier and more hectic. There is a shift as people move towards a more simplistic life and focus on self care.

Meet the Trend 

We also have a wide range of formulations that meet the simplicity trend including the three shown below. You can explore the full 11 we have highlighted in our Beauty in Simplicity presentation using the link on the right.

All the formulations we have chosen to feature are designed to be sophisticated yet simple, with a low number of efficient ingredients and low usage levels. They also impart a great skin/hair feel and are cost-effective. 

Beauty in Simplicity

Beauty in Simplicity

English 31 Mar 2021 | 41 mins
Join us as we explore the ‘Beauty in Simplicity’ trend, looking at the current skin and hair care markets, and the popular brands that embrace the simplicity concept. We also identify the consumer habits that have highlighted the demand for simple personal care products and offer product and formulation inspiration so that you can meet the trend.

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  • Abigail Usher Marketing Coordinator, Personal Care

Beauty in Simplicity

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A simple, 6-ingredient face cream that feels fresh and light on application and offers gentle moisturisation.
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Care and Hydrate Body Lotion

Long-lasting hydrating body lotion that leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised for up to 72 hours.
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