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Phytessence™ French Rose EC, the floral elixir for naturally hydrated skin

Crodarom is excited to introduce Phytessence™ French Rose EC, an innovative botanical extract derived from Rosa gallica, a historic variety of rose, one of the oldest of the ancient roses deeply rooted in European pharmacopeia. Beyond the captivating beauty and enduring symbolism of rose, this launch pays tribute to the ageless allure and captivating scents that this flower has graced civilizations with throughout history.

However, Crodarom's exploration delves deeper, uncovering the striking parallels between rose petals and human skin due to a common genome, particularly regarding ageing, moisture retention, and defence mechanisms.

Phytessence French Rose EC Cover

A natural ingredient to hydrate and protect the skin barrier

Quantified in flavonoids, this extract has been designed to be a natural source of hydration for the skin, as well as to offer protective and soothing properties.

Hydrated skin is radiant, supple, and resistant to aging. The skin's natural hydrolipidic film, made up of sebum, acts as a barrier, preventing water loss. However, this film changes with age, health, and environment.

Phytessence™ French Rose EC is key for maintaining skin hydration and strengthening the skin barrier at any age, to reveal the natural beauty of the skin. The moisturising effects have been measured by MoistureMap® on mature and dry skin. A clinical test showed that after application of a cream containing Phytessence™ French Rose EC, volunteers claimed that the cream containing our extract helped to visually improve the quality of their skin.

This ingredient is particularly fitting the trendy rituals of Skin flooding, involving layering moisturising cosmetics to lock in moisture and deeply hydrate the epidermis and for a long time. This trend is more than ever a recognition of hydration as a fundamental pillar of our beauty routines, and the first step to natural beauty to be adopted whatever the season.

Make sure to check out the product documentation and to reach out to your sales representative for more information about the results of our efficacy tests!

The many sustainability claims of this extract

Phytessence™ French Rose EC is derived from flowers that have been produced by Crodarom’s local producers, involved in organic and responsible cultural practices, located in southern France. Such sourcing allows for our extract to be certified as organic by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard. These win-win partnerships are a guarantee of Crodarom’s contribution to local and ethical sourcing, and to local development, as well as one of quality insurance as our strong ties with our producers lead to the continuous improvements of practices.

The extraction method used to produce Phytessence™ French Rose EC is Crodarom’s innovative and sustainable EcoSound™ technology. This environmental-friendly technology uses ultra-sound to extract the most valuable components of roses, with low energy consumption (9 kWh/100 L of extract) and without denaturing molecules from heat or chemical.

Our extract is also preservative free, and 100% naturally derived according to ISO16128.

Learn more about the CSR commitments of Crodarom here.

Phytessence™ French Rose EC is derived from locally sourced organic flowers 

An ingredient dedicated to Femcare

Our natural ingredient derived from rose is ideal for Femcare, due to its gentle yet powerful nature.

The concept of femcare has recently expanded to encompass a broader view of women's well-being and beauty, as we mentioned in our 2024 trends review. Today's consumers associate it with not only physical well-being, but also mental health, self-recognition, and satisfaction, as indicated by surveys conducted by Euromonitor International. This shift is influenced by the rise of female empowerment, efforts to destigmatize discussions about intimate health, and increased awareness of self-care due to the pandemic.

This recognition has prompted businesses to reframe femcare, a category traditionally focused on disposable sanitary products, to encompass a more holistic approach that includes skin, body, and mental well-being. Skin care has emerged as a natural extension of this holistic approach to menstruation. Beauty is now viewed as an integral part of women's overall health.

The various beneficial properties as well as the great emotive components of Phytessence™ French Rose EC make it an ideal ingredient for such approach, starting with addressing issues like dryness, itchiness and redness happening at the various stages of a woman's life. Opportunities to satisfy the entire female wellness spectrum are ahead with our ingredient.

An ingredient dedicated to Femcare

Key assets of Phytessence™ French Rose EC

Phytessence™ French Rose EC assets

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An article dedicated to the timeless greatness of rose flowers in cosmetics is coming soon on this blog! Make sure not to miss it!


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Phytessence™ French Rose EC Cover
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Phytessence™ French Rose EC

Rich in flavonoids, this rose extract is the ideal ingredient to hydrate and protect the skin. It perfectly suits the skin-flooding rituals trend.

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The timeless greatness of rose

The timeless greatness of rose in natural beauty: A Journey from Ancient Times to a Promising Future

A reflection on the potential of roses as an incomparable marketing asset for modern cosmetics, as much for their performance as for their symbolism.

Could you name another plant that is more associated to natural beauty, elegance and passion than the rose? Beyond its visual allure, the rose boasts a profound symbolic and performance-driven presence in the beauty realm, and it is not a recent trend.
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Phytessence French Rose EC Cover

Discover Phytessence™ French Rose EC

The floral elixir for naturally hydrated skin

Crodarom unveils Phytessence™ French Rose EC, a new rose extract with hydrating, soothing and protective properties, fitting perfectly the femcare and skin-flooding beauty routines. This innovative ingredient is derived from organic roses from Crodarom's local partners in Southern France, using the environmentally-friendly EcoSound™ extraction process. 

Technical and marketing information is available on the Product Finder.

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