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What is skinimalism?

What is skinimalism?

Have you heard of this phrase “Less is more”? Consumers are ditching their long, multi-step routines and embracing minimalism in various aspects of life, including their beauty routines. This has led to the rise of the buzz word – “Skinimalism”. Skinimalism is about having a simplified skincare routine which only includes essentials, without sacrificing the results.

 Not only dermatologists, but consumers, influencers and even brands are talking about skinimalism as well. It is no wonder #skinimalism has garnered over 2 million hashtags on TikTok and continues to grow. As an ingredient supplier dedicated to meet evolving customer needs, we are excited to offer innovative solutions for you to embark onto this trend!

woman touching face applying skin cream with eyes closed

Understanding consumer behaviour: why is skinimalism a growing trend??

According to Euromonitor, consumers are on a quest for skinimalism. They are looking for sustainable brands and multifunctional products to streamline their routine. Here are several trends shaping the market and supporting the growth of skinimalism.

1. Sustainability

More individuals are re-evaluating their consumer habits and incorporating a more sustainable lifestyle. With this, they choose multi-functional products and embark on skinimalism, resulting in less product consumptions and less waste. To meet consumer demands, brands are offering products with sustainably-sourced ingredients and packaging. To further stand out, brands can explore putting together a routine for various skincare concerns while keeping sustainability in mind.

2. Skin Barrier

Previously popular multi-step routines have led to confusion among consumers. Furthermore, in a saturated market where there are so many products to choose from, consumers certainly feel overwhelmed with choices. According to No7 research, 87% of British women are confused about which skin care products to use. Layering products incorrectly may lead to compromised skin barrier, dryness, irritation, redness, and even worsen existing skin conditions. Thankfully, consumers are aware of the consequences and are moving towards more targeted, kinder, streamlined skincare routines.

3. Productivity and Practicality

Alex Fisher, Global Skincare Analyst at Mintel, mentioned that he observed a growing number of women are turning away from multi-step routines, hoping to reach the same glowing result without putting the time in. Multi-step routines are more costly and time-consuming. With a streamlined routine, consumers can focus on the targeted skincare concern, reducing costs and saving time.

Why should you get on board with the trend?

To help various brands hop onto this trend, we held a webinar to provide information on how the minimalist market is growing. We also recommended products with minimal ingredients for maximum value from Croda.

During the webinar, we also had a LIVE session with our Lead Applications Scientist to demonstrate how easy it is to formulate with our newly launched minimalist blend.

Minimalist yet Effective Blends for Skin & Hair

To help brands create products that are not only simple but effective, we offer a wide range of blends that can help brands create simple minimalist products without much hassle. With blends for hair care and skin care, there is something for every application.

SP Rejuvasoft™ MBAL – a minimalist blend to rejuvenate and soften hair

Rejuvasoft™ is a standalone conditioning chassis, with sulfate-free and vegan suitable credentials. It can act on its own as a robust chassis or in combination with other hair care actives, delivering various benefits in a simple, easy-to-use pastille.

 Simply add water and heat to create a premium conditioning base with minimal ingredients. A variety of product formats from light, detangling sprays to thick and rich masks can be created.


Dry Combing Performance Graph

Figure 1 Detangling and conditioning performance of the Rejuvasoft Simple Conditioner compared to two leading brand conditioners on dry European dark bleached hair

Wet Combing Performance Graph

Figure 2  Detangling and conditioning performance of the Rejuvasoft Simple Conditioner

Arlatone™ Duo – All you need for 2-in-1 wash products

Arlatone™ Duo is an optimised blend of mild foaming detergents, waxes, structuring and pearlising agent. It facilitates the production of white, creamy formulation, especially where multi-functional ‘2-in-1’ combined cleansing and moisturising benefits are claimed.

This product is recommended for use in shower creams, body scrubs, facial scrubs and washes, make-up removers, foot cleansers and body and facial cleansing milks and creams.

 Skinimalism is here to stay, especially with multiple trends supporting it. So, what are you waiting for? Let Croda help you meet your evolving customers’ needs by providing innovative solutions for you. 

Skinimalism trend presentation

woman touching face applying skin cream with eyes closed
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Young hipster male wearing sunglasses walking next to a grey wall looking trendy representing consumer need for individuality and diversity, trends that can be met in the beauty industry with Croda's range of personal care ingredients

What's trending?

Discover the latest beauty and personal care trends with Croda's latest trends presentations as we explore personal care formulation trends, beauty market trends and consumer trends to help you formulate to meet consumer and market needs.



English 30 Mar 2022 | 60 mins

We are going LIVE from Croda's laboratory to bring you our latest launch- our newest minimalist blend for all cleansing applications⭐. Learn from our Lead Applications Scientist👩‍🔬 as she formulates LIVE, unpacks all the technical data and answers your questions about this product. Want to find out more? Join us online on the 30th of March at 1PM (Singapore Time). That's not all! Hear from other fellow brand owners around the region as they share more about how they react to skinimalism in their product development. Find out how the minimalist market is growing, its associated trends and all about the ingredients/blends that you can use to create easy, minimalist products for hair and skin.


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