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The latest TikTok makeup trends dominating the Generation Z beauty industry

Generation Z TikTok influencers are taking the beauty industry by storm, dominating colour cosmetic trends across the globe. The power of these content creators is unprecedented with Gen Z becoming an increasingly important demographic within the beauty industry, heavily influencing new colour cosmetic product development and innovation. Formulators are now targeting the playful beauty experiences demanded by Gen Z consumers but what are the most current TikTok makeup trends?

In this blog we’re delving into the latest colour cosmetic trends from TikTok which are dominating the upcoming Generation Z beauty industry…

beautiful asian female with dramatic makeup

Graphic Eyeliner 

#graphicliner – 969.7 Million views 
#eyeliner – 8.2 Billion views

Eyeliner has been an essential addition to our makeup tool kit for generations, being used to accentuate the eyes and transform everyday make-up looks into glam night-looks with the simple swipe of a classic wing. But now, Generation Z is taking eyeliner to the next level… move over classic liner looks, there is a new trend in town: graphic eyeliner. 

Arising from mandatory mask-wearing brought about by the pandemic, makeup lovers were limited as expressive lip combinations and bold cheek colours were hidden, meaning attention was naturally drawn to the eyes giving rise to powerful, graphic eye looks. 
And makeup users are still bursting with creativity as Generation Z are designing expressive, artistic styles that break the rulebook. From a simple double winged eyeliner to a bolder negative space design, the potential is limitless with beauty influencers even incorporating colourful Y2K-inspired shadows. 

Top Tip! Graphic liner looks are time-consuming and Generation Z want their creations to stay all day. Our Crodabond™ CSA enhances the longevity of colour cosmetic applications, ensuring Generation Z’s graphic liner look is smudge-proof. Also, being 100% naturally derived, it is a great alternative to petro-based colour cosmetic ingredients, aligning with environment conscious Generation Z consumers who now expect their beauty brands to align with their own sustainable morals. 


Monochrome Make-Up Looks

#monochromemakeup – 3.9 Million views
#monochromaticmakeup – 13.5 Million views

The timeless monochrome fashion trend has now extended to the Generation Z beauty industry with #monochromaticmakeup trending across the new social media giant with 11.4 million users viewing make up tutorials that use the same colour tone, and often the same product, across the entire face, including the eyes, lips, and cheeks. 

The result is a balanced, effortless look that is a minimalist’s dream (need more minimalism inspo? Check out our beauty in simplicity blog). And, as one hybrid beauty product fits all, it also appeals to our sustainability conscious consumers. Currently, the most popular monochromatic look is a soft, pink palette which is very on-trend for spring, as subtle neutral shades compliment glowing skin. 

But monochromatic looks don’t have to be understated and minimalist; depth can be created by different pigment intensities resulting in bold and beautiful looks. For example, take a look at @Isabelleikpeme monochromatic ‘Electric Scarlet’ featured on by L’Oreal. The striking red is undeniably audacious and stunning and shows there is fun to be had when creating monochromatic looks. 

Water conscious woman washing face with less water for conservation purposes

Image credit - 7 Monochromatic Makeup Looks to Try Right Now | 

To meet this trend, take a look at our Essentially Effortless Cheek and Lip Stain containing Volarest™ FL that is versatile and multifunctional to perk up your cheeks and showcase your lips. This formulation has a jelly-like texture and is suitable for all over the face meaning you can get creative. 

Top tip! You can’t always use certain formulations all over the face, as they may be irritable to sensitive areas such as the eyes – make sure you use pigments and products suitable for sensitive skin that is suitable for all over the face to meet this trend and make your product more versatile. 


‘Face Lift’ Makeup

#faceliftmakeup – 150.0 Million views
#faceliftmakeuphack – 8.3 Million views

‘Sculpting’ and ‘face lifting’ tips and tricks have also gained popularity on TikTok with beauty influencers persuading Generation Z to abandon full coverage foundations and elevate their makeup routines with technical touch ups and perfected placement of their concealer. 
From disguising dark circles, to colour correcting and vanishing maskne blemishes, concealer has always been a ‘must have’ personal care product, but now concealer has been taken to the next level by being used to create a face lifting effect…

TikToker Megha Singh went viral with her ‘face lift’ makeup tutorial, precisely targeting smaller facial features such as the inner and outer corners of the eyes, edges of the nose and lips, as well as the cheek bone, before blending the liquid concealer upwards and outwards to give a lifted, illuminating effect. 

Water conscious woman washing face with less water for conservation purposes

Image credit - @meghaess
Duetted by hundreds of thousands of users who imitated this makeup technique, Generation Z consumers were hooked, officially outdating the full-coverage, heavy, under-eye triangle concealer technique that dominated 2016 beauty routines. 

We can provide the Generation Z beauty industry with a range of concealers to meet this TikTok trend, including our Pollution Shield Eye Concealer which features Sederma cosmetic active ingredients Ameyezing™ and Citystem® as well as Crodarom’s Camomile Oil EC

This combination counteracts pollution damage to the skin and regenerates eye contour skin as Ameyezing™ is dedicated to improving both the appearance of hyperpigmented and vascular dark circles, whilst eco-designed Citystem® protects against environmental and screen light pollution, leaving skin looking smooth and flawless. The addition of Crodarom Camomile Oil EC further benefits consumers with its well-recognised soothing and healing features making it ideal to treat inflamed and tired under eyes.

Top Tip! Less is more! Using minimal product with light application is key to achieving this illusion. Heavy product placement will add weight to the face rather than lifting upwards and highlighting the high points of your face. 

This light concealer ‘face lift’ illusion has also given rise to the minimalist trend with makeup users applying minimal amounts of beauty products to give a natural, clean look…

Minimalist Make-Up 

#naturalmakeup – 489.5 Million views
#minimalistmakeup – 5.2 Million views
#nomakeupmakeup – 169.2 Million views

It’s trendy to go all-natural now. Well almost…

You may have heard numerous names for this trending understated aesthetic including ‘minimalist beauty’ and ‘no make-up, make-up’ with the most popular being ‘the clean look’.
But regardless of name, Generation Z seems to be infatuated with a seemingly low-maintenance, simple every-day look which is characteristically defined as glowing skin, flushed cheeks, long lashes and fluffy brows. 

Although this illusion of simplicity is actually a combination of skin tints, shimmering balms and cream contours that have been well blended and perfectly placed to look as if you’re bare faced. So a seemingly simplistic look can easily turn into full glam without the right products…

Water conscious woman washing face with less water for conservation purposes

At Croda we have the right formulations to meet this clean aesthetic including our Optimum Defence Foundation Cream SPF 15. This foundation is light and creamy providing natural, even coverage due to a combination of mineral pigments with Optisol™ OTP-1 which provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. These also work in sync with Crodamol™ IPIS and Crodamol STS to provide enhanced spreadability on the skin resulting in a flawless complexion. 

Although minimalist make-up is only one step in achieving the ‘clean look’, you also need a good skin care routine and sleek hair – keep your eyes peeled for our next blog in this Tik Tok Beauty series which explores this clean look further, perfecting your skin care routine to achieve this fresh, glowy, seamless look. 

Top Tip! Formulating colour cosmetics with transparent minerals is the way forward. Croda’s Solaveil MicNo range of Zinc Oxide has excellent transparency compared to formulations that use conventional pigment grade Titanium Oxide for UV protection, meaning makeup looks are light and flawless. The whitening effect caused by pigment grade Titanium Oxide can cause makeup looks to appear heavy – a big no for this minimalistic trend.

TikTok is clearly dominating colour cosmetic trends across personal care as Gen Z revolutionise the beauty industry promoting self-expression and authenticity. With TikTok being the first point of call for Gen Z consumers when it comes to the next emerging trend, it is important as ever that formulators keep up to date and in-the-know about the rising Generation Z beauty industry. At Croda Personal Care we can help you to meet the rising demands of the upcoming Gen Z consumer with our innovative products and formulations, to learn more about how we can help, talk to one of our team…


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