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Personal Care

UltimoPure™ : Purifying Oils for Personal Care

A new generation of consumers has brought about increased demands for transparency in the ingredients that make up the final product. With the rise of trends such as there are greater expectations for brands to be honest and transparent in their product offerings. According to Mintel research, 82% of Chinese consumers think that it is worth paying more for products of higher quality. This has led to a variety of organisations and apps focused on ingredient safety and purity.


Introducing our UltimoPure™ Range

The UltimoPure™ range meets the needs of today’s consumers. UltimoPure™ is Croda’s proprietary purification technology. Through this purification, impurities are removed and naturally derived vegetable and ester oils have increased stability without altering the fundamental triglyceride profile of these oils. This means that the oils have:
UltimoPure Benefits

  • Improved colour, odour and sensory
  • Higher stability against oxidation and hydrolysis
  • Excellent heat tolerance
  • Small polar substances are eliminated
  • Improved slipperiness and smoothness

Based on In Vitro data, the oils minimises skin irritation, and there is also an improvement in the product safety. The purified oils are of higher quality and consistency and can be easily incorporated into a variety of applications. For more information and data on the benefits of the UltimoPure™ range, do refer to our product presentation.

As emollients are essential ingredients for personal care formulation. We have wide range of products that are available with UltimoPure™ across all markets such as skin care, hair care, solar protection, and colour cosmetics to meet diverse customer needs.

Product series harnessing UltimoPureTM technology

UltimoPureTM technology is applied to various oil purification. Our purified oils are available for these product ranges:

・CropureTM:vegetable oils

・CrodamolTM:ester oils

・Crolatum:hydrocarbons, such as vaseline

・lanolin derivatives


For more information, do check out our UltimoPure product presentation.

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