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Unique Textures Collection: innovative textures for your next beauty venture

Individuality, innovation, and diversity are all buzz words in the beauty and personal care industry. Consumers are constantly on the search for the newest novel products to revamp and inspire their personal care routines. The tactile feel and format of such products are a huge influence on popularity and success in today’s market. Introducing Croda’s Unique Textures Collection–a collection of playful and transformative textures to make product development easier.
unique textures collection

Beauty and personal care products must pay attention to all senses, including touch. Whether it’s a cooling spray or a foaming cleanser, the texture and format of the product transforms the overall experience. When routines fall into monotony, the search for an exciting new texture can breathe life back into beauty care. With Croda’s Unique Textures Collection, it’s love at first touch!

Golden Hour Glow Highlighter Stick

With the new conscious consumer, convenience is key. SPATE reports a +65.7% year-over-year growth in searches for “highlighter stick”unique textures collection golden hour glow highlighter with a predicted +8% growth in the upcoming year. The stick application is an innovative, yet simple method that is striking a  chord in the beauty community.      

Turn golden hour into an all-day event with Croda’s Golden Hour Glow Highlighter Stick– a waterless formulation in a unique stick format. Thanks to Syncrowax™ BB4, which has a similar composition to beeswax, this highlighter is able to stabilise colour and enhance gloss. The soft, bouncy feel of this stick is due to Supermol™ B, a vegan suitable* alternative to lanolin, which provides skin nourishment and hydration with a neutral door and colour, unlike traditional unrefined lanolin. The luxurious texture allows the product to be swiped and blended with ease to add the perfect sunlit glow to any makeup look.

Now Wash Me Whipped Facial Cleanser

unique textures collection now wash me whipped facial cleanser

Whether you’re starting your day or getting ready for bed, facial cleansing is an integral step of any skincare routine. It can help you wake up and feel refreshed for the day ahead and/or cleanse your skin from a long day so you can go to sleep feeling nice and clean. As unique textures trend across all beauty and personal care categories, innovative facial cleansers have come onto the scene to add a little spark to everyday skincare. Less than 1% of facial cleansers launched between 2017 and 2022 are whipped, allowing for a perfect opening to enter the unique texture scene (Mintel GNPD, 2022).

Taking advantage of this opportunistic gap, Croda’s Now Wash Me Whipped Facial Cleanser is a fragrance-free nourishing whipped facial cleanser packed full of sensitive-skin friendly ingredients for that fresh feel consumers love. Crodateric™ CAB 30 provides foam boosting stabilisation with superior rinse-off and after-feel. Our Crodarom® Nordic Cotton, a botanical extract with soothing properties, protects the skin and prevents dehydration. This calming and soothing cleanser is an ideal formulation to start or end your day on cloud-nine.

Petal Plump & Repair Lip Mask

unique textures collection lip mask

Today’s consumer is highly interested in multifunctional products for their personal care routines. According to Mintel, 57% of women who usually use makeup products look for skin-benefitting ingredients when choosing cosmetic products and moisturising/hydrating is the top trending claim for all lip care products released from 2017 to 2022. Overnight lip masks have been a breakout trend averaging 1.4K monthly searches, with +34.2% year-over-year growth and a predicted +24.5% growth over the next year (SPATE, 2022).

Croda’sPetal Plump and Repair Lip Mask is the perfect all-in-one solution for healthy lips! The novel, biomimetic technology behind our 100% naturally derived and vegan suitable* Crodamol™ ISIS works with the skin’s lipid bilayers to boost its water holding potential for optimally, hydrated lips. In combination with our 100% naturally derived and vegan suitable* Crodabond™ CSA, these two ingredients both impart a soft, cushiony feel and a glossy finish. This long-wearing, botanical-rich lip mask embodies multifunctionality all day or all night.

Silky & Smooth Transformative Lotion Bar

unique textures collection lotion bar

The conscious consumer cares about sustainability and the environment. Eco-friendly claims are the fastest growing in the North American bodycare market, and 21% of users of bodycare consider sustainable ingredients as important when shopping for bodycare (Mintel, A year of innovation in body, hand and footcare, 2022). Water conscious beauty is a great way to prove eco-friendly commitment and dispel any accusations of greenwashing.

Did you know that over 30% of body care products launched from 2017 to 2022 are in lotion format? Break free from boring barriers and try something new with our Silky and Smooth Transformative Lotion Bar! This unique, waterless lotion bar format provides powerful moisturization with a lightweight skin-feel due to the combination of Syncrowax™ HRC and Crodacol™ CS50NG Shea Butter provides skin-unique vegetal molecules for soothing, protecting, and regenerating properties while Avocadin™ HU25 and Cropure™ Olive produce a luxurious, hydrating glow. With a convenient swipe, achieve visibly silky and hydrated skin!

Unique Textures at Croda

Croda has always been interested and invested in the science of sensory influences on beauty and personal care formulations. Our dedicated sensory and texture labs position Croda as an innovator in unique textures. TheSenStories™ tool utilises reliable, reproducible methodology to connect insights on consumer perception and language choice with the knowledge that ingredient combination and colloidal structure are responsible for a given sensory. This enables predictive ingredient selection for the development of formulations with targeted, desired sensories - saving the formulator valuable time whilst ensuring alignment with consumer expectations. 

*can be considered to be generally suitable for vegan; however, as there is no single agreed definition nor a standard, global certification, if you are interested in making a vegan claim, please request our Vegan Suitability statement for specifics on this product, and compare to the certification(s) you are seeking to meet.

Check out the Unique Textures Collection in action with our Graduate Trainee, Sophia Hua!

Unique Textures Collection Presentation

unique textures collection
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How unique are your products?

unique textures collection statistics
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