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Beauty Undefined with Croda's #nofilterneeded

Real life does not have a filter and now you don't need one either!

Introducing Beauty Undefined with Croda's #nofilterneeded - a two-step routine for healthy-looking, naturally boosted skin.

Beauty Undefined

Step one…eyes!

Naturally Boosted Eye Smoothing Cream

Pot of soothing eye cream formulation containing Croda's ChromapurBrighten up your eyes with a natural boost! Naturally Boosted Eye Smoothing Cream is a rich eye cream with a soft and velvety sensory and helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area to help every skin to look their very best! Croda’s new 100% natural, biodegradable product innovation, ChromaPur™ CV2 instantly evens out skin imperfections for a soft-focus finish, whilst Sederma’s Synchrolife™ tackles signs of fatigue synchronising the skin around the eyes against digital pollution damage. Fruitliquid™ Kumquat from Crodarom provides a boost of vitality and good mood to fight against fatigue and bring radiance to the skin.

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Step two…face!

Naturally Boosted Blurring Stick

Skin blurring stick containing Croda's ChromapurFor an instant healthy-looking appearance, Croda’s on-the-go, solid Naturally Boosted Blurring Stick helps to improve skin texture for a #nofilterneeded look. ChromaPur CV7 is Croda’s new COSMOS approved, upcycled product innovation and instantly blurs skin imperfections including fine lines and wrinkles for a natural, soft focus effect. Sederma’s natural peptide Poretect® is a skin rejuvenator that helps to minimise the age-related cutaneous pore enlargement phenomenon for a refined skin texture, and Crodarom’s Phytolea™ Camellia has high-performance hydration and smooths and soothes easily irritated skin, whilst also helping to protect it from external aggressions and pollution.

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Naturally Boosted Smoothing Eye Cream

Pot of soothing eye cream formulation containing Croda's Chromapur
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Naturally Boosted Blurring Stick

Skin blurring stick containing Croda's Chromapur
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Couple in the forest of black spruce - ChromaPur CV2 & CV7

Croda’s latest innovation – ChromaPur™ CV2 and CV7

Discover Croda's new sustainable and functional alternatives to plastic microbeads, ChromaPur CV2 and CV7, offering exceptional sensory and optical benefits to skin care and colour cosmetics.

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