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Beauty Undefined with Croda's Scalp Soothing Strand Smoothing Serum

Having a bad hair day? Introducing Croda's new Scalp Soothing Strand Smoothing Serum; a lightweight, vegan suitable*, do-it-all serum that is an all-in-one rescue remedy for hair, right from root to tip! Check out our new clever little characters Soothe and Smooth as they explain the benefits of this versatile hair care formulation.

Beauty Undefined

Not only does this clever serum promote smooth and hydrated hair with Croda's KeraMatch V, the inclusion of Crodabond™ CSA smooths hair cuticles helping to reduce the appearance of split ends, whilst also having the potential to lock fragrance into the hair.  Active ingredients including Sederma's Apiscalp® and Crodarom® Cider Vinegar help to nourish the scalp, potentially soothing dryness and itching, and fending off dandruff leaving the scalp looking and feeling healthy. Iberchem's sumptuous honey and nectar fragrance uplifts the senses leaving hair smelling oh so sweet!

Scalp Soothing Strand Smoothing Serum

Hair serum formulation in dropper bottle
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Characters soothe and smooth used to represent the soothing and smoothing benefits of Croda's Scalp Soothing Strand Smoothing Serum

Scalp Soothing Strand Smoothing Serum


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*can be considered to be generally suitable for vegan; however, as there is no single agreed definition nor a standard, global certification, if you are interested in making a vegan claim, please request our Vegan Suitability statement for specifics on this product, and compare to athe certification(s) you are seeking to meet.

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