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Personal Care

Frizz Control Conditioner

Controlling frizz can be quite a challenge, especially for consumers with curly hair. For maximum frizz control results, use the three-part Frizz Control Regimen, which includes a Frizz Control Shampoo, Frizz Control Conditioner, and Frizz Control Styling Primer. This protective Frizz Control Conditioner is step two in the Frizz Control Regimen, empowering you to go natural or achieve sleek styles without the frizz. Lustreplex™ protects the cuticle from damage, shields against humidity for frizz-control, and adds shine resulting in lustrous hair. Crodasone™ W, a protein biopolymer, provides heat activated cuticle defense if you choose to blow out your hair and protects against cuticle cracking. Crodamol™ SFX adds shine to the hair. Incroquat™ Behenyl TM- 50 provides premium conditioning while being exceptionally mild. With a posh and refined fragrance, featuring assorted berry and green notes, supported by a blend of sandalwood and musk, the ‘Tres Chic’ custom fragrance - developed by Takasago for our formulations - offers a sophisticated, well balanced aroma with a cosmopolitan flair. In an in-house tress testing study, the three-part Frizz Control Regimen (Frizz Control Shampoo followed by the Frizz Control Conditioner followed by the Frizz Control Styling Primer) performed comparably to defrizz the hair versus a premium commercial regimen (anti-frizz shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner designed for curly hair) benchmark.
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Formulation details


  • Hair care - Conditioners - Rinse off

Phase type

  • Multiple phase dispersed


  • Creamy


  • Cream


  • Opaque


  • N/A

Consumer benefit

  • Anti-frizz
  • Conditioning
  • Detangling
  • Heat protection


  • USA
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