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Personal Care
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Alban Muller - the natural product designer

Alban Muller is known worldwide for its expertise in natural cosmetic ingredients and finished personal care products. Since 1978, we are building a unique know-how in extracting and manufacturing high-performance plant extracts, as well as creating eco-friendly turnkey cosmetic products.

Alban Muller provides a wide and innovative range of 100% natural, high-quality plant extracts according to its eco-responsible strategy at every stage of the manufacturing process. From ecological production to resource and waste management, Alban Muller’s unique process respects both people and the environment.
Plant-based beauty - our lead researcher analysing the content of a tube containing natural cosmetic ingredients

Technology and research at the service of performance for high-quality cosmetics ingredients

Efficiency, safety and innovation are part of Alban Muller’s DNA. Inspired by the observation of nature, natural beauty actives stem from our R&D and scientific expertise.

A company in the heart for the French Cosmetic Valley

Alban Muller is an active member of the French Cosmetic Valley, gathering more than 3200 companies of the cosmetic and fragrance industry as well as many universities and research centres. We are investing in the collaborative research and innovation projects of this competitiveness cluster, including the charter for more eco-responsible cosmetics.

Our unique technology: Zeodration

Based on its strong industrial experience, Alban Muller has developed a unique process in the cosmetic industry: the zeodration. Our technology is used to create standardized botanical extracts that are concentrated and titrated into active molecules. This optimized drying technique is energy-efficient and ecologically clean to provide eco-designed concentrated extracts.

Zeodration - Alban Muller's unique and innovative process for natural cosmetics 

Be ACTIVEly Committed, our sustainability strategy

Alban Muller is ACTIVEly Committed to minimise our social and environmental impacts, without compromise on innovation, quality and safety in line with Croda's purpose "Smart science to improve lives™".

Our sustainability strategy has been designed to mix innovation through continuous improvement and a holistic business model placing equal emphasis on the Planet, People and Profit. Today, this fruitful program ensures consistency between our product portfolio and our internal CSR policy management.

Alban Muller - industrial know-how presentation

Two males working at Alban Muller on the Zeodration process
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Alban Muller ingredients to meet the trends

Intensely hydrating ingredients, with immediate and long-lasting effects

Cosme-Phytami™ Cucumber EC

Cosme-Phytami™ Cucumber EC

Sourced in France, this cucumber extract is the ideal ally of the cryo-beauty trend and is dedicated to dehydrated skins searching for radiant effect.

Lipidami™ Frangipani

Lipidami™ Frangipani

Paradise flower, frangipani is the ideal moisturising and softening ingredient for dry, sensitive, stressed, reddened and irritated skin.

Phytolea™ Hemp EC

Phytolea™ Hemp EC

Sourced organically and locally, this COSMOS Certified hemp seed oil is the best ally of sensitive skins thanks to its unique fatty acid profile.

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Striving towards a more sustainable Personal Care Industry

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We have ambitious targets to become Climate, Land and People Positive by 2030 as we strive to be the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients. Discover more about how our sustainability initiatives can help make your products more sustainable!

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