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Personal Care
Alban Muller high-tech botanical ingredients

High-tech Natural Ingredients

Observing nature inspired a range of high-technology ingredients for natural cosmetics, with strong efficacy and sustainability claims.

The high-tech range are developed and elaborated with our scientific and industrial expertise. These innovative ingredients act by biomimetism, providing the adaptation strategy and plant defence mechanisms, and the recognized properties of traditional plants. Various in-vitro, in-vivo or ex-vivo tests provide proven efficacy for each ingredient.

Key points of our range of high-tech natural beauty actives

  • Inspired by the observation of nature
  • Eco-designed for responsible cosmetic products
  • Innovative natural ingredients with proven efficacy
  • 6 different properties for all applications

What about the sustainability of our high-tech ingredients?

Our ER ingredients are Cosmos-Approved and eco-designed to meet the transparency and naturality claims of natural cosmetics.

  • Natural origin and ethical sourcing
  • Selection of organic cultivated plants
  • Valorisation of local sources and by-products from other industries
  • Eco-responsible manufacturing with our green technology
Alban Muller high-tech botanical ingredients

Better-ageing, well-ageing & radiance beauty actives

Repulpami™ EC

The 3-in-1 global well-ageing ingredient

This blend of white hibiscus & baobab fruit extracts provides a safe and non-invasive lifting effect. This 100% organic active is targeting the three layers of the skin for firmness, plumping and anti-wrinkle effects!

Padinami™ EC

The fitness cure for the skin

Our padine extract reinforces the youth capital of the skin by boosting the synthesis of extracellular matrix compounds, thus maintaining its integrity.

Padine origin certified from French Polynesia.

Amiperfect™ ER

A 100% natural salicylic acid

The first plant-derived salicylic acid on the market, in easy-to-use powder form! Extracted from wintergreen through an eco-responsible process, this natural ingredient is ideal for a fresh look and purifying effect, as well as for well-ageing and radiant complexion powders.

Natural HighTech Ingredients Cream

Protecting or balancing high-tech ingredients

Lipolami™ ER

For natural skin protection

Our 100% made in France milk thistle extract protects the skin barrier by protecting its filaggrin and fatty acid content.

Lipolami™ ER is also a natural & sensory alternative to silicone, providing green luxurious textures for the cosmetic industry. See the Multifunctional ingredient page for more information.


A marine ingredient for skin resistance & protection against pollution

Excellent natural anti-pollution active ingredient, Protectami™ provides skin resistance and protection against external aggressions. This padine extract improves cell cohesion and helps restoring the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Preparami™ ER

The anti-stress and anti-pollution active

This natural ingredient protects the skin against external stress, by conditioning cells with a fast heat shock proteins synthesis.

Preparami™ ER is a naturally purified prickly pear extract in jojoba oil, 100% natural derived and preservative free.

Amiderm™ ER

A natural softening and balancing synergy for odour prevention

This blend of hamamelis bark and oak gallnut extracts offers 100% plant-based amino acids. Our active cosmetic ingredient offers a softening and balancing synergy for odour prevention: a great natural approach for deodorant that preserves the skin pH.

Natural HighTech Ingredients Bubbles

Soothing & moisturising natural cosmetic ingredients

Cytokalmine™ EC

The natural hyperactive concentrate for sensitive skin

Our 100% natural and organic extract of upcycled pomegranate pericarp delivers high-performing antioxidant and soothing benefits. Alban Muller provides full transparency on the pomegranate sourcing from a French organic farm.

Amiporine™ ER

The anti-thirst ingredient for mature skin

This moisturising and well-ageing ingredient improves cell communication for a firmer, more densified and rejuvenated skin.

100% natural derived, our hydrating & better-ageing pomegranate extract is manufactured with an eco-responsible process.

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Alban Muller high-tech botanical ingredients
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Alban Muller

A natural product designer dedicated to high-performance actives and extracts manufacturing and creation of natural skincare formulas.

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