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Personal Care
Lipidami® - Oil-soluble botanical extracts

Lipidami® - Oil-soluble botanical extracts

The Lipidami® range is composed of high-quality oil-soluble plants extracts.
Well aware that well-being and health are main concerns for a balanced life, this range offers the vital treasures and untouched beauties of Nature as fundamental beauty ingredients, protected by natural tocopherol.
Inspired from outstanding concepts, these cosmetic ingredients are produced through an optimised, eco-clean process, providing up to 20% plant content in an organic sunflower oil vehicle (UE origin). They are hence 100% natural derived (ISO 16128), with no petroleum derivatives, and preservative free.
Alban Muller oil soluble extracts for waterless beauty

The untouched beauty of nature

Specially designed to be used in oily phase, the different Lipidami® range of active ingredients gathers extracts from the marvels of Nature, including unusual plants:

  • Flowers: arnica, frangipani, lotus, …
  • Fruits: avocado, banana, milk thistle, …
  • Seeds: oat, horse chestnut, …
  • Bark: soapbark tree, willow, mimosa, …
  • Aerial parts: ginkgo, sea fennel, …
  • Roots & rhyzomes: ginseng, burdock, …
  • As well as animal raw materials: caviar and honey

Key points of our range of natural oil-soluble cosmetic ingredients

  • Standardised plant extracts, providing the benefits of each plant from which they are derived
  • More than 40 extracts from fruits, flowers, plant aerial parts, barks, seeds, roots, as well as seaweed and honey
  • 100% Natural derived
  • Preservative-free and without petroleum derivative

Alban Muller's expertise in natural oil-soluble cosmetic ingredients

Alban Muller Lipidami Range presentation

Lipidami Range
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Alban Muller

A natural product designer dedicated to high-performance actives and extracts manufacturing and creation of natural skincare formulas.

Our trendy oil-soluble botanical extracts

Water-free beauty is requiring high-quality active ingredients or botanicals oils to provide its potency and sustainability claims

Lipidami™ Ginseng

Lipidami™ Ginseng

Ginseng is well-known to revitalise skin and dull hair. It activates the microcirculation and increases the tonicity and the firmness of the skin.

Lipidami™ Frangipani

Lipidami™ Frangipani

Paradise flower, frangipani is the ideal moisturising and softening ingredient for dry, sensitive, stressed, reddened and irritated skin.

Lipidami™ Honey

Lipidami™ Honey

Sourced organically and locally, honey soothes the skin,cleanses the skin and ameliorates its appearance.

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