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Solaveil™ inorganic mineral UV filters

Solaveil™ is our world leading range of inorganic mineral sunscreen active ingredients. These Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide based UV filters form a physical shield on the surface of the skin that absorb, scatter and reflect light, preventing it from reaching the skin and causing damage. 

Behind Solaveil is a team of experts in inorganic sunscreen ingredients who are passionate about sun protection. They are ready to work with you to educate consumers about the importance of UV protection, share their knowledge about sunscreen technology and support customers who utilise Solaveil technology in their sunscreen and beauty products.
Solaveil logo

The Solaveil logo
To communicate the benefits of Solaveil to your consumers, you can use the Solaveil logo on pack, contact us for more information:

Why choose Solaveil?

Market-leading innovation
Patented particle and dispersion technology
Consistent quality and performance
Based on nature-identical minerals
Various particle sizes
Highly transparent options
Worldwide approval, including FDA 
Safe, mild, and non-irritant
No concerns around skin penetration
Considered to be safer for planetary health
Allow for simple and minimalist formulations
Vegan suitable*
Halal approved
COSMOS variants available

**Vegan suitable means it can be considered to be generally suitable for vegan; however, as there is no single agreed definition nor a standard, global certification, if you are interested in making a vegan claim, please request our Vegan Suitability statement for specifics on this product and compare to the certification(s) you are seeking to meet.


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Solaveil™ calculator

An easy-to-use tool that provides data on inclusion levels and achievable SPF when formulating with Croda’s mineral UV filters.

Solaveil range infographic - EMEA

Solaveil™ Range infographic EMEA
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Solaveil range infographic - North America

Solaveil™ Range infographic North America
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Solaveil™ inorganic mineral UV filters

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