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Personal Care
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Crodarom - naturally expert in beautanicals

As the botanical extraction specialist of the Croda group for more than 40 years, our production capabilities and various eco-designed plant extraction technologies allow us to extract the best of the plant and supply a large catalogue of ingredients that answer current market needs.

Our range of botanical extracts for the personal care and beauty industry continuously evolve according to latest trends and customer specific requests, staying close to consumer’s needs.

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Our technologies

As no technology is universal, the company adapts its process to each raw material and evaluates what solvents and technology must be used to capture the best and the most precious of the plant.

Among its technologies, the microwave technology of which he was a pioneer, and the Eco-Sound process which use ultrasound technology, are the green key technologies of the company that are at the core of its CSR strategy.

CRODAROM Catalogue 2022

Crodarom Product Catalogue 2019 - Naturally experts in beautancials
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Eco-Sound technology presentation

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Microwave Technology Presentation

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Our Trends & Insights expertise

A pioneer in understanding consumer trends and behaviors, Crodarom invests every year to monitor and analyze new market trends in order to offer new ideas to its customers.
Beauty Trends 2024 - All about freedom under all its forms

Discover the beauty trends for 2024

As consumers' expectations are constantly evolving, the Botanical Alliance is delighted to unveil its study of the new 2024 trends, highlighting fresh beauty concepts largely dedicated to freedom under its many forms.

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Our Crodarom on trend ingredients

Crodarom® Green Caviar

Crodarom® Green Caviar

Green caviar, a sustainable algae inspired by the J-Beauty for a healthy looking skin thanks to its hydrating and revitalising properties.

Crodarom® Manuka Honey

Crodarom® Manuka Honey

An universal ingredient coming from New-Zealand that moisturises and soothes the skin and hair for a fresh, healthy complexion and beautiful hair.

Phytessence™ Stevia GL

Phytessence™ Stevia GL

A leaf traditionally used by indigenous South-Americans to sweeten their medicinal teas and which moisturises the skin and brings smoothness.

Our Ethical Partnerships

A journey through our supply chain

Responsible sourcing of genetic resources is a key priority for Crodarom. Since its creation, Crodarom has supported the development of farmers in France, and elsewhere throughout the world. Through ethical partnerships and direct exchanges with its producers, Crodarom can offer its customers guarantees of transparency and traceability across the entire supply chain
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