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Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy - "Be ACTIVEly Committed"

Clean beauty corresponds to a demand for healthy, ethical and eco-conscious products. Sederma, Crodarom and Alban Muller are elevating the concept to “committed beauty” by providing transparency along the entire supply chain, to the benefit of all.

We focus our innovation on providing sustainable ingredients, manufactured using ethically sourced raw materials. We understand the necessity to preserve our environment and its diversity, whilst developing extracts with minimised ethical, social and environmental impacts.

We are fully aligned with the Croda group Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, and are actively committed to achieve the global target of being Climate, Land and People Positive by 2030. We work intensively with our supply chain to develop products that deliver more benefits, with less impact by using a code of conduct covering both responsible relationships and purchasing. This code of conduct formalises our commitments and unites our partners around our shared values.

Using the ISO 26000 social responsibility guidance standard, we are committed to minimise social and environmental impacts on our stakeholders without compromising innovation and quality.


"Sustainable businesses employ a holistic view of doing business by placing equal emphasis on the Planet, People and profit"

Arnaud Fournial

Sederma, Crodarom and Alban Muller CEO


What is CSR at Croda? How does it work at Sederma, Crodarom and Alban Muller?

Sederma, Crodarom, Alban Muller sustainability brochure – Be ACTIVEly Committed

Be actively Committed with Sederma
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Sederma code of conduct for responsible purchasing

Sederma Code of Conduct agreement for sustainable purchasing and relationship building. We are passionate around supporting all aspects of the supply chain to ensure fair practise for their suppliers and customers.
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Crodarom Code of Conduct

Crodarom code of conduct product brochure
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Croda's actives businesses has achieved climate neutral manufacturing certification. Sustainability is part of everything we do at Croda and have neutralised sites through the sustainable palm initiative.

🍃Climate neutral manufacturing certification🍃

We support the Rimba Raya project

Croda's Beauty Actives business has neutralised the carbon emissions associated with its manufacturing processes. The purchased offsets are supporting the Rimba Raya project, which protects Indonesian rainforest from deforestation for palm oil cultivation. The project supports forest communities, enabling them to generate sustainable incomes in their local environment.

🍃How to guarantee transparency, traceability and measurable sustainable performance? 🍃

Discover the ERI 360 label

The ERI 360 ° label is an Eco Responsible label created by France Eco Extraction in cooperation with the PASS (Perfumes Flavors Fragrances & Scents) competitiveness cluster and 13 French suppliers of aromas and cosmetic ingredients including Sederma and Crodarom.

By assessing raw materials, supply chains, processes and practices, this sustainable evaluation tool allows us to accurately evaluate the entire ingredient production chain of our active ingredients and measure their ethical, social and environmental performances. 

There are three levels of labelling (gold, silver, bronze) which result from the level of success obtained during the evaluation.

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