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Be ACTIVEly Committed with Crodarom

The Crodarom Be ACTIVEly Committed strategy is built on the wish to innovate sustainably in a dynamic of continuous improvement by contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

This process of preserving the environment and ethical values began a long time ago with the implementation of a new innovative extraction technology using microwaves in 1996.

Since then, Crodarom has continued to improve and work to reduce its environmental impact through certifications, new green technologies, decarbonisation projects or even more transparent and win-win partnerships.

Crodarom CSR timeline

Trust and Transparency

We strive to be as transparent as possible by giving all the information we have. To facilitate this transparency to our products, we have created visual logos to help you in the selection of your ingredients. These logos are indicated in all our presentation materials.


 Logos of our certifications

Ethical Partnerships

Through a variety of collaborations and partnerships, Crodarom is able to offer customers a guarantee of transparency and traceability across the entire value chain. Responsible sourcing of raw materials is key to Crodarom who are committed to working with partners, to help them to develop sustainable farming practices.

Thanks to its Code of Conduct for Responsible Partnerships and Purchasing, Crodarom is able to ensure that all of its partners around the world share common fair values and practices. This Code of Conduct helps our partners to adopt the appropriate behaviours and make decisions that take into account sustainability and shared development.



At Crodarom, we selected some criterias in order to define our vegan ingredients. Our vegan ingredients don't contain products derived from animals, and have not been tested on animals. To guarantee the safety of our products, we realise alternative tests in accordance with Cosmetic Regulations (HETCAM, neutral red tests).

Upcycling by Crodarom and Alban Muller

Upcycling for sustainable cosmetics
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The consum'actor

women with flowers to represent the consumer who is actor of the nature protection
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Crodarom Green Caviar supplier

Crodarom® Green Caviar

Engaged in supporting the development of vulnerable communities, Crodarom selected this farm to reduce rural poverty by promoting a fair purchasing price, establishing a long-term contract, and sharing quality and safety practices to improve working conditions.

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Crodarom Kumquat Field visit

Fruitliquid™ Kumquat

Engaged in a local development strategy, Crodarom selected this farm to promote local sourcing and to participate in the economic development of a French family business. This farm started its activity 20 years ago and cultivates kumquat trees in the South of France (Provence). This partner has strong concerns about respecting the environment and biodiversity. Although the farmer's business was originally only for the food market, our collaboration offers new opportunities.

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Ethical Partnerships

Local Sourcing

“Local sourcing makes sense both for your wallet and for the environment, and it contributes towards many of the SDGs.” - Sustainable Development Goals Fund.

Sourcing locally brings a diverse range of benefits such as increased flexibility, enhanced transparency, decreased environmental footprint, simplified communication and social development. Because our extracts are made in France, we prioritise French resources to help in local economic development and reduce environmental impact. Since its creation, Crodarom has supported the development of local producers. Today, 20 products from our catalogue have French certified origin and we expect to continue to increase as a result of our new collaborations with French committed farmers.


Crodarom Local sourcing partner rose

Phytofleur™ French Rose EC

New trials in Lozère: with technical support from the region and local institutions, Crodarom follows new experimental trials on its land to cultivate species with voluntary local producers. Five perennial species have been rigorously selected according to their ability to adapt to this territory. While the arnica flower comes mainly from wild picking, we support local producers to involve them in the cultivation of this plant.

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Food production and processing generate high levels of waste and by-products, causing negative impacts such as GHG emissions, landfill storage, treatment costs and global food security. The depletion of renewable resources, reduction in land for cultivation, continuous growth of the world population and the over accumulation of waste are factors that justify the use of waste and by-products in the cosmetic market.

The agroindustry is the main source of natural by-products.

Also, ugly products, that are currently removed from stores because they do not meet industry standards, are also of big interest now for the cosmetic market.

In fruit agriculture also, crop practices generate unused renewable biomass with great potential. Indeed, often flowers in trees are removed from trees to enhance fruit growth. These by-products can become a strong interest for the cosmetic market.

Crodarom banana flower supplier

Crodarom® Banana Flower EC

Engaged in promoting sustainable cultural practices, Crodarom selected this farm to promote organic farming and agroforestry that follow natural cultivation methods, combining ecological performance and sustainable production. With face-to-face exchange and dialogue, Crodarom understands the farm's needs and has helped to purchase different agricultural tools and individual protection equipment to improve his working conditions.

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