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Be actively Committed with Sederma

Be ACTIVEly Committed with Sederma

The Sederma Be ACTIVEly committed strategy is built on the wish to innovate sustainably in a dynamic of continuous improvement. In line with Croda’s purpose “Smart science to improve lives™” we are also contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Sederma intensively works to reduce its environmental impact through new green technologies, decarbonisation projects or even more transparent and win-win partnerships and are validated by certifications.

Timeline of Sederma commitments to CSR and sustainability

Ethical partnerships and sourcing with respect

Developing sourcing with local partners in the plant collection areas, respecting traditional know-how, improving the living conditions of local populations, mastering the traceability of raw materials of natural origin for more transparency and ethics are at the heart of Sederma development strategy for sustainable business.

Sederma recognises that its capacity to innovate and develop eco-socio-ingredients depends on biodiversity and its conservation.

As part of Sederma’s CSR strategy "Be Actively Committed" and more broadly of the Croda Group's vision "Smart science to improve lives™", Sederma has gained Union for Ethical BioTrade - UEBT membership.

UEBT membership

What about our ethical sourcing strategy?  What exactly is UEBT?

Green Brochure

Be Actively Committed with Sederma
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COSMOS compliant Sederma products

COSMOS and ECOCERT approved logo for Croda ingredients.Formulators looking to create natural personal care products for consumers can utilise this certification to indicate natural ingredients.
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Committed Beauty Presentation

Clean Beauty pres
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Develop innovation conform to the need of natural products and reduce our environment impact with new products and technologies.

Our objectives:

  • Promote Eco- (socio-) designed products by favouring renewable raw materials and natural formulas,
  • Build customer loyalty through a high level of satisfaction by meeting their expectations and future needs,
  • Optimise the use of natural resources to reduce our environmental and societal impacts.


The beauty industry uses around 2% of the world’s palm oil. Responsibly addressing the social and environmental issues associated with Palm Oil (PO) is a priority for us at Croda.

  • What exactly is the Sustainable Palm Oil Roundtable (RSPO)?
  • How do we use palm oil at Sederma, Crodarom and Alban Muller?

These questions were put to Magali Buresté, who is in charge of regulatory affairs.

Watch the video to hear her answers!


How do we use palm oil at Sederma, Crodarom and Alban Muller?

RSPO Brochure

sustainable palm oil
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Eco-designed processes

1/3 of our products are manufactured using an eco-designed process:

  • 19% of our active ingredients come from white and blue biotechnologies
  • 4% of our active ingredients come from supercritical CO2 extraction
  • 8% of our active ingredients come from plant cell culture
Sederma plant cell culture test tube expertise

Plant cell culture

Eco-designed production mode of phytomolecules of interest. Access to rare, endangered and slow growing plants. Absolute reproductibility, quality and availability.

Discover our plant stem cell product range
Sederma biotechnology machine for botanical extraction


30 years of experience in micro-organism culture. Selection of micro-organisms living in extreme conditions. Partnership with different institutes.
Discover our range of products issued from biotechnology
Sederma vegetal extraction expertise machinary

Vegetal extraction

Methodological analysis to obtain full mapping of the plant to find molecules of interest. Perfect botanical traceability. Eco-designed supercritical CO2 extraction process.

Discover our plant-based product range

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