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Purposeful Beauty™ in action – What's Your Purpose?

Join us as we explore and discuss relevant sustainability-related topics in personal care, communicate our progress and stance on sustainability issues and lead thought provoking conversations that will challenge the beauty industry to push barriers and create action.

Each of our campaigns focuses on a different topic, from trends insights to carbon to sustainable sourcing. Tune in to our podcast, ‘Purposeful Beauty™ - What’s Your Purpose?’, to hear our conversations with industry experts. Use our resources, such as infographics, to more gain a more comprehensive understanding of the topics. And read our blogs to tie it all together.

Explore our existing campaigns below, and check back next quarter for content on another topic.

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Croda Sustainability Report 2022

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What is the beauty industry’s role in reducing carbon emissions? 

Listen in to hear Croda’s sustainability experts, Julia Creasy, Group Sustainability Director, and Grant Mitchell, Marketing Project Manager, discuss the basics of carbon – Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions and why we should be so concerned about them. They also dig deeper: what do increased emissions mean for beauty consumers? And what steps can be made to lower our carbon impact in the beauty industry? 

Purposeful Beauty™ reducing carbon emissions infographic

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How can beauty brands differentiate themselves through transparency?  

Kimberly Shenk, Co-founder and CEO of Novi joins us to uncover the importance of transparency in Personal Care and how brands can use it to better deliver more sustainable products to beauty consumers. We’re covering issues such as greenwashing and cleanwashing, how to address transparency throughout the entire supply chain, and how brands can navigate the crowded and confusing field of clean standards and policies.  

Purposeful Beauty™ transparency handout

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What is the story of palm in Personal Care?

Chris Sayner, Vice President of Customer Alliances, Corporate Sustainabiltiy at Croda uncovers the story of palm in Personal Care. He takes us through the evolution of our reliance on palm derivatives, the connection between palm and carbon, and even the question of whether we should boycott palm altogether. Listen to this episode to hear Chris’ insightful take on Certified Sustainable Palm Oil in and to find out what we can do as suppliers to ensure the Personal Care industry understands and fully supports the move to sustainable palm. 

Purposeful Beauty™ sustainable palm infographic

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How is sustainability evolving the Personal Care industry? 

We’re joined by Andrew McDougall from Mintel, to discuss how sustainability continues to evolve the Personal Care industry and how brands and suppliers can adapt to the changes we’re seeing. We’re covering topics like circular economy, packaging trends, and the importance of sharing data. Listen to this episode to hear about the trending claims in sustainable beauty, and to learn how conscious consumers are driving a shift in Personal Care.

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